Bail bond scams and how to avoid them

Bail bonds scammers are becoming increasingly more common. The same itself if pretty easy to see through if the person being called asks a few questions said LA bail bondsman Roger Sayegh.


“They are always going to tell you someone important to you is in jail. That should be an indicator right there,” he said. “As a bail bondsman, I have called family members on behalf of someone who is in jail. But the difference is I encourage the person I call to check and make sure I am telling the truth.”

Doing just a few minutes of fact checking is all that takes.

Mr. Sayegh says always:

• Call the jail where the person is supposed to be held. If the bail bondsman will not give you that information and a phone number to verify it, that’s a scam.

• Ask about the bail bond contract. “Where do you need to go to sign the paperwork? Never, ever agree to set up a bail bond over the phone. You need to read and understand the contract before you sign it,” he said.

• Ask for the bail bond company’s license and permit numbers. As a business in California, the bondsman must have a license.

“Another trick these scammers try is getting you to go buy a prepaid debit card and then give them that number. Sometimes they ask for your credit or debit card,” he said. “Never give that information over the phone to anyone claiming to a bail bondsman. Legitimate bail bonds companies want you to come to the office to fill out paperwork.”

Look up the company online is another way to spot a scammer. If the bail bondsman does not have an online presence and an office, it is scam, he said. Also, call law enforcement to ask if the company is legit and if not, to report the call.

“Scammers are just out to steal anything they can get. They need to be behind bars. When you report them to the police, you help deliver what they deserve,” Mr. Sayegh said.

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