Bad Habits Lead to Failure of Weight Loss

Perhaps many girls are wondering why they’re still gaining weight even though they struggled hard on diets or took slimming capsules like zi xiu tang. In fact, there are many bad habits that may cause failure of weight loss. Let’s have a look what are they now!

1.       Eat No Breakfast

If you don’t have the habit of eating breakfast, your stomach will get hurt easily and you will look older than your actual age. What’s worse, you may eat a lot to cheer yourself up when you feel sluggish in work. This will lead to a continuous increase in weight.

2.       Dinner is Super Rich

The insulin content in blood reaches its peak in the evening, and it can convert blood glucose into fat, which will be coagulated on the vascular wall. As a result, you will be more and more obese if your dinner is super rich. Meanwhile, if your dinner lasts for a long time, your biological clock will be disrupted and you may get insomnia easily. At this point, we highly suggest you have simple dinner or zi xiu tang weight loss instead.

3.       Take Fruits as Staple Food

For the purpose of weight loss, many office workers seldom take staple food and they often eat fruits instead. However, experts advise that fruits not be taken as the staple food. Though they contain various vitamins and sugars, they don’t have proteins and some microelements that our body needs. The nutritional imbalance will more easily lead to fat accumulation. 

 4.       Drink Alcoholic Beverage

We all know that alcohol will weaken our defense mechanism, and this is undoubtedly a threat for people who are dieting. Nutrition experts highly suggest you eat something such as before drinking wine, beer or cocktails. Also, they suggest you drink as much water as possible to supplement the water consumed if you’re taking zi xiu tang bee pollen diet pills.

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