Baby Puzzle app, the easy to play yet challenging puzzle game launches on Google Playstore

Baby Puzzle is the newly launched gaming app by iAppVirtual which is a simple yet challenging puzzle game for users of all age groups. The game is launched on Google Playstore and available for free download. It is an easy to play puzzle play that features a simple user interface and fair quality graphics. The game requires the users to complete a certain honeycomb style pattern by filling appropriate blocks in it. It can be called as a digital version of the classic cardboard puzzles that required the user to complete the pattern, pictures etc.

Baby Puzzle allows the user to choose among four categories, that is, beginner, advanced, master and expert. Each of the categories has 60 levels which mean, there is a total of 240 levels or different puzzles in the game. Those who have just downloaded the app can choose the Beginner category to warm up their minds on the puzzles and later on move to the other categories anytime. The user can also go to the master or expert category right away if they want to play more challenging puzzles.

To play the game, the user has to drag the blocks and fit them in the frame. The blocks can’t be rotated so they have to judge where exactly the block will fit the best in the pattern provided. There is no time limit to solve the puzzle so the user can work out their brain as long as they want to. Moreover, the game can be played both online and offline.

Puzzle games are a great way to have some good time while boosting the brain’s cognitive abilities. It tests the user’s observation and cognitive skills while entertaining them. The users can also unlock a few hints in between the levels to overcome difficult puzzles.

More information about the game can be found at Google Playstore.

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