Axgio Sets New Bottom-Line Price for Chinese Quad-core Cellphones

To set its foothold in the dog-eat-dog cellphone market, newcomer Axgio made a breakthrough that may enrage the veterans or trigger a new and steep round of markdown.

New York, NY, USA (August 26, 2014) — Rising cellphone maker Axgio may become a star in the Chinese cellphone industry, by its brave, or bullheaded, debut which lowers the bottom-line price of MTK6582-powered mobile phones by 30 US dollars.

Launched on August 19, 2014 with a special price of USD99.99, Axgio’s new product Neon N1 packs the hardware of MTK6582 chipset, 5-inch 720P display, 1GB RAM, 8GB Nand Flash, and 8MP camera. Before it, the cheapest one with the same preferences is named Kingelon HD5000, which is priced at USD130 or so. And the best sold Doogee DG2014 costs USD40 more than the N1.

“As a newcomer, we want to bring something new into the industry. The first thing we can do is to make a product that is affordable to more people,” said Jacob Ling, general manager of the small company.

The latest 2 months saw a widespread depreciation in MTK 4-core cellphones in fact, as 8-core chipsets are becoming increasingly popular. THL, Laude and Doogee launched their budget products on TinyDeal, too, namely, THL T6S for 89.99, Laude s800 for 88.88, and Doogee DG580 for 115.99. But all of them are equipped with 540p or 480p display, while Neon N1 is the first 720p one having such a dive.

According to reports, Axgio is a company built by a group of programmers, who, thus, focused more on software. Their cellphone runs on an overhauled android operating system named Neonado OS which was specially re-developed from Android 4.2.2 for smoother operation with MTK chipsets.

Axgio Neon N1

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