Average Altcoin Token “DOWCOIN” ICO To Launch Soon

USA – A new form of cryptocurrency pledges to disrupt the digital economic landscape. DOWCOIN, the recently developed form of digital cryptocurrency, whose value is “derived from the existing cryptocurrency assets”, and “is expected to vary according to the values of the market assets”, is soon to announce its ICO, much to potential investors’, and digital currency specialists’, great anticipation.

Created after carefully analyzing market data gathered during the past 8 years – essentially, the amount of time since the advent of the Bitcoin, which is, to this day, the prime index of digital currency market volatility -, DOWCOIN is presented to investors as a smart alternative to the thousands of tokens that have been launched since the Bitcoin. The aforementioned tokens, though many of which were touted as the successors to Bitcoin, have failed, without exception, to address the most common issues plaguing the digital cryptocurrency landscape.

DOWCOIN, taking a radical approach to defining its tokens, and adjusting, through its pricing scheme, for the frequent fluctuations characterizing the digital cryptocurrency market, presents several benefits, which include, but are not limited to, fraud and identity theft prevention; lower transaction fees; immediate settlement of assets’ transfer, and a broad access to the token, by the estimated 2.2 billion Internet users from around the globe.

“DOWCOIN aims to build a platform which will monitor the price movements of the top 30 largest mined digital currencies. It also seeks to provide a valued token, which will give investors a significant return for their investment, while, at the same time, it will provide crucial information that will help all investors, both those knowledgeable of the cryptocurrency market, as well as others, who are just starting out on exploring the market’s many options, to make informed and strategic decisions, with regards to their investment plans”, said Mr. Rakesh Dulgaj’s, DOWCOIN’s media representative.

He continued, “Through DOWCOIN’s ICO, we seek to raise funds to develop its platform; market it effectively to both the cryptocurrency market and potential investors, and grow the DOWCOIN team, so as to harness the invaluable data that will be mined as a result of DOWCOIN’s index cap.”

The company has intimated that it will release the exact date of DOWCOIN’s ICO, in future communications with the press.

Those interested in contributing to the DOWCOIN ICO can read more about the process’s terms and conditions here.

To learn more about DOWCOIN, please visit: www.dowico.com/

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