Auto Enthusiasts are Amazed by the Powerful Cleaning and Restoring Action of Auto-Rx® Plus

“Auto-Rx® Plus is affordable and works while you drive. It removes engine sludge, cleans engine internals, transmissions, power steering, differentials, and rotational seals. It also works in hybrid motors.”
Auto-Rx® Plus, a patented engine and transmission cleaner, helps increase operation efficiency, restore fuel economy, and reduce emissions in engines and transmissions.

While new engines and transmissions run efficiently, they can gather harmful deposits over time that causes performance and power loss. These harmful deposits in the transmission and engine of a vehicle can accelerate wear, which can cause a loss of power and increased fuel consumption. Auto-Rx® Plus helps restore fuel economy, increase operating efficiency and reduce emissions in engines and transmissions.

As engine sludge and deposits settle, oil passages can narrow, restricting oil flow to vital vehicle components. Auto-Rx® Plus’ patent and potent formula cleans sludge and deposit build-up, reducing oil consumption and promoting a lower vehicle operating temperature. While Auto-Rx® Plus works well on vehicles of any age, even an engine with only 25,000 miles can benefit from using Auto-Rx® Plus for preventive maintenance.

Removing contamination and build-up is critical to prolonging the life of any transmission. This contamination interferes with the normal operation of a transmission’s valve body, causing the internal seal to dry out. Deposits can also settle on clutch plates, which can cause erratic shifting and hesitation, so this effectively fixes transmission slipping.

To combat the harmful effects of deposits and sludge, consumers are choosing Auto-Rx® Plus. This powerful solution works as you drive, liquefying residue and contamination to clean a transmission’s internal mechanism. Tests have been performed on the effectiveness of Auto-Rx® Plus by both professional laboratories and individual consumers.

After Auto-Rx® Plus has performed its powerful restoration and cleaning, consumers are amazed by the improved performance of their transmission. With an extremely active tech board, customers are encouraged to log on to Auto-Rx® Plus’ customer forum to share their experience with this product.

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About Auto-Rx Worldwide, Inc.:

Based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, Auto-Rx Worldwide, Inc. is sold by Auto-Rx® Plus. Frank Miller, the founder, president, and CEO of Auto-Rx Worldwide, is the inventor of its sole product, Auto-Rx® Plus, a non-toxic innovation to clean oil-lubricated metal efficiently and safely. This product has been on the market since 2000, sold after the right formulation was discovered through years of research and testing.  Auto-Rx® Plus is registered under US Patent #6,544,349.

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