Author Takes the Mystery Out of New Age Practices

When Dr. Clare McCord began her thirty-year journey of study and research in holistic and New Age practices, she found it was startlingly difficult and costly to learn how to access and use our own innate human power to create a healthier more productive life. In Human Renaissance: The New World of Your Power, McCord shows readers how to experience a healthier, more expanded life by using untapped resources we all possess, but have never been trained to access.

In her preface, Dr. McCord states that “Not everyone can or should have to take the long and expensive journey I have taken, nor should they have to work so hard to locate common threads among the many alternative modalities and philosophies. With this in mind, I began making notes for a book that could be a regular person’s guide to the vast array of tools available to help discover and use our human capabilities. To create real change, the information needed to touch real people, not just those who could visit gurus or afford the high cost of seminars in resort areas.” 

McCord concludes, “I intend my work to be more provocative than prescriptive. This book can be a bridge to help transport us from ideas and techniques we think of as ‘New Age’ to much wider applications that can move us into a very real—and much needed—New World.” 

Author Jo Manning says, “This book is not aimed solely at New Age practitioners; indeed, what is here can apply to a great many of us who might otherwise be put off by that very phrase “new age”. It is down-to-earth and readable, which cannot be said of many books in this particular genre. It is an illuminating, helpful, and positive read, and I thoroughly recommend it.” 

About The Author:

Clare McCord is a coach, consultant, and educator. A former professor, Clare left academia in 1990 to work in the world of business, focusing her consulting practice on organizational development and communication. Clients include major universities, healthcare systems, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. She conducted her independent research into alternative health, energy, and consciousness while pursuing her professional career. In addition to her earned Doctorate, Clare also has earned several certifications in alternative health; she is a Reiki master and a certified BodyTalk practitioner. Clare is available for interviews and to read excerpts of her book which is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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