Author Linda Corby Releases Paperback Edition of her Book ‘Feminist Revenge’ Trilogy

‘Feminist Revenge’, which was only available in the Kindle version on Amazon till now, is the first book of the erotica fiction trilogy that will keep readers constantly engaged with its racy and edgy thriller story.

For fans of the erotica genre, the summer just got more interesting with the announcement of the releases of the paperback edition of the sexy novel, ‘Feminist Revenge’. Written by author Linda Corby, the book had received rave reviews by readers who downloaded the Kindle edition and it is all set to enthrall readers who prefer the traditional way of reading via paperback books.

‘Feminist Revenge’ is the the complete trilogy that narrates the scandalous story of Zaneen Dean, the central character whose various gory, passionate, kinky, sexy and even violent exploits are described. Zaneen keeps the readers engrossed in this thrilling page turner that has her feel real love only for Paul and her exotic Border Collie bitch, Tarbra. The book combines sex with violence and the mystical world of the supernatural.

This book is deemed to be unfit for the faint hearted for its wild descriptions and twisting storylines that will keep reads on the edge throughout. The other books of this trilogy are set to follow shortly, as paperback versions in the coming days. ‘Feminist Revenge’ can now be bought off Amazon for a price of £4.46.

“This book is great if you are somebody who does not enjoy reading long novels. Only There is a lot going on to keep your mind busy… An enjoyable read well worth the purchase,” states Wayne.

Linda Corby is a 61 year old UK based author, homemaker, ex Grade A show-jumper and ex Recovery Service owner (Breakdown truck driver). She has written renowned titles such as ‘Xmas Spirit’, ‘Weight Off’, ‘Breakdown Memories’, ‘Out of Thin Air’ and many other such engaging novels. She strongly believes in encouraging future generations to take part in sports. She has actively sponsored many classes at various local horse shows and presented prizes. Her passions include swimming, walking her dog and listening to music.

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