Author Judith Ingram Releases Third Book In Her Moonseed Paranormal Romance Series: Into The Mist

Author Judith Ingram is pleased to announce the release of the third book in her Moonseed paranormal romance book series, Into the Mist. This third book brings to a conclusion the story begun in Bridge to the Past (Book 1, ISBN: 978-0985123277) and further developed in Borrowed Promises (Book 2, ISBN: 978-0989063241).

Two young women, each desperate for a different life, suddenly awaken in each other’s bodies. Gentle Victoria has become Katherine Kamarov, a brash young widow living in rural California circa 1890 and accused of murdering her husband. Meanwhile, the sensuous Katherine has come forward in time to assume Victoria’s identity as a beautiful and wealthy heiress in modern-day San Francisco. Told in parallel narratives, the story follows the two women as they grapple with their unexpected lives and discover new and stronger selves emerging.

Assuming they have only one year before they are snatched back to their own times, each woman tries to resist investing her heart in her borrowed life but ends up falling hopelessly in love. As the story accelerates toward the magical night of the new spring moon, Victoria and Katherine both question whether they must remain victims of fate or can find some way to keep the lives they have come to cherish.

All three books in the Moonseed Series are available in both print and ebook formats.

Book Information:

Into the Mist
Moonseed Series, Book 3
By Judith Ingram
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing
Published: July 24, 2015
ISBN: 978-0996442312
Pages: 378
Genre: Paranormal Romance

About the Author:

Judith Ingram lives with her husband in the San Francisco East Bay and makes frequent visits to lovely Sonoma County, where most of her fiction characters reside. She in addition to time-travel fiction, she writes inspirational nonfiction. Into the Mist is the third and final book in her award-winning Moonseed trilogy.

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