Author Collin Cheng launches book based on flight MH 370 that disappeared a year ago

By the Sound of Silence: A novella on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is the newly launched book by author Collin Cheng that is based on the ill-fated flight MH 370 that disappeared mid-air on 8th March 2014 and has yet to be discovered.

Cheng has announced the release of his book on Amazon and users have already started giving positive reviews to the book. “Wow! really mind-blowing thoughtful book ever I read. I read the book 5 times and every time I got interest to read the book further. The author Colin Cheng is really a talent writer. I highly recommended the book to all people who seek the best one!” says Amazon user Margie F. Salvatore.

The story of this fiction is inspired from one of the most talked about mysteries that has baffled the whole world. Characters insurance investigator Angeline Herman and CIA agent Chris Channing find their destinies intertwined as they try to understand the mystery that holds the fates of multiple nations.

Author Collin Cheng, along with Charlie Cheng has taken a unique perspective on the international investigation that lasted for months along with an insight into international politics, human aviation and the after effects of the avionic disaster in their book By the Sound of Silence.

Flight MH370 was flying from Malaysia to Beijing, China when it mysteriously disappeared mid-air, carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations. The whole world kept an eye on the multinational search operation but the mystery has not been unveiled apart from a few theories.

The book By The Sound of Silence is available on Amazon for purchase in Kindle format.

About Author

Collin Cheng was born in Newton, Massachusetts, and later moved to the Bay Area in late 2000. He spent his childhood in Sunnyvale, California while exploring the world around with its various facets and intricacies. He previously attended Pinewood School and is currently at Homestead High School in Cupertino as a Sophomore. Collin enjoys participating in Model United Nations, and Future Business Leaders of America outside of school.

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