Author Carl Harris launches his book, “Stop Failing and Start losing weight” on Amazon

After suffering from serious life conditions and unhealthy lifestyle for 20 years, Carl Harris decided to change his life and inspire others with his life transformation. He went on to become an author and launched his book “Freshplan: Stop failing and Start losing weight” which is meant to help people suffering from similar health and size issues in losing weight and start to live a healthier life.

His blog and book Freshplan is a result of 3 years of research and experience gained from his own recovery. Harris battled with blood clot in his lungs which were caused by addiction to Diet Coke and an unhealthy diet. With his determination and will power he was able to lose 60 pounds in weight and now lives a healthy lifestyle.

He has inculcated his own experiences into this book and aims to help people who are suffering from health issues due to extra weight. Harris is a live example of weight loss through proper planning and diet and his book is claimed to do just that for other people facing the similar situations.

The book will highlight everything about food, nutrition and things that might be wrong with the diet and causing weight gain. It also focuses on the involvement of processed food into the modern diet which provides more fat than nutrition. Freshplan is promised to change the way a person eats to make them more healthy, happy and slim for life.

Unlike many other books available in the market, Freshplan does not just focuses on what to eat what not but the change of mindset that is needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle forever. Author Carl Harris, a motivational speaker himself also tells about keeping the motivational levels up while trying to lose weight.

Freshplan tells the reader about setting small objectives with a deigned strategy that ultimately lead to achieving the bigger goal. The book goes by the saying, ‘work smart, not hard’ and incorporates easier tips and tricks to achieve weight loss goals.

In his book, Harris mentions the one big mistake which people generally make while trying to lose weight; the mindset that they have reached their destination. He explains in his book how maintaining a slim body for life is possible after losing weight. The Freshplan weight loss plan will make the user slim, healthy and keeps them that way for life.

The book is currently available on Amazon for purchase.

About Author

Carl Harris is an author and motivational speaker. His owns a blog named Freshplan where he writes articles and tips for people who are trying to lose weight. His book Freshplan is inspired by his real life experiences and transformation from an unhealthy person to an active and healthy individual. He currently lives in York, UK.

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