Author Annachiara Simonetti just launched her second book “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” – the missing book in spirituality / self-help on unconditional love and how to follow inspiration!

Annachiara Simonetti, author and Life Coach, launches her second book: “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace”. This is a very beautiful book that teaches you how to make friends with yourself by loving yourself and all of your life. It is packed full of new, practical tools that are easy to apply to your life to find the way back to love and inner peace.

A new book, titled “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace”, was released by author Annachiara Simonetti. By reading this outstanding book, you will start to see life through the eyes of love, connecting with your inner power and finding inner peace.

The ideas and methods Annachiara uses to help transform others’ lives bring about more joy, peace, and love from within to all areas of our lives while inspiring others too. Anyone who is sincere about living an empowered life based on love can get inspired and be transformed by the information in the book and the consistent use of these tools. When you feel peaceful in your mind, your natural joy within can find its natural outlet and you can bring more peace to the world around you.

The author teaches you how to follow your inner guidance and take inspired actions in your life. The book is filled with many processes that you can apply to a wide range of circumstances. Learn to bring everything back to love and get new insights into your life.

In her first book “Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities”, she offered 365 different approaches to alter your thinking into a winning perspective that will help bring forth more joy, peace, freedom, and love.

Annachiara’s new book “Befriend Yourself and Find Inner Peace” is available on Kindle and Amazon

About Annachiara Simonetti

Annachiara Simonetti is the author of “Ignite Your Personal Transformation: 365 wisdom seeds to turn your challenges into opportunities” and a Certified Life Coach in Strategic Intervention. As a Life Coach, she helps her clients live a better life by breaking away from limiting beliefs, going for their heartfelt dreams, and finding creative solutions to their issues. As an author, she inspires her audience by teaching them how to gain fresh, new perspectives, how to love themselves unconditionally, and how to find their inner power to live a joyful and peaceful life.

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