Blended family with 12 children, one of whom is autistic, asks for community’s help

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA – JULY 11, 2018 – Leon Anderson is a single father of a blended family with 12 children. One of those children, 10-year old Leziah, is autistic. The family needs more space, and as Anderson says, they simply cannot afford it.

When the family found a 2-acre farmhouse in Georgia for $50,000, they realized they could give Leziah a remarkably enriched life. For instance, she would have her own bedroom for the first time. The farmhouse also holds the promise of another first: Leziah could have her very own pets.

Autism changes the way a child perceives the world around them, and there’s no cure. Ultimately, Leziah will be faced with the challenges poised by her autism for the rest of her life. Her family hopes to make her childhood as bright as possible.

Leziah is a smart and curious girl, and her family believes the farmhouse holds immense possibilities.

The Andersons have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise $50,000 for the farmhouse.

“While it’s unlikely that she’ll move out on her own, it’s my hope that our family would move into an environment that offers her the safety she needs with the freedom she enjoys,” said Anderson.

More information, as well as the opportunity to donate to the Anderson family in need, can be found at

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