Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia Adopts ‘Bridge’, the New Pain Killer for De-Addiction and Rehabilitation

Savannah, GA Use of opioids as pain killers and for treating drug addiction, which has many cons and undesirable side effects, may soon be history. The opiate treatment methods can now be avoided with the help of a new device and treatment method known as the ‘Bridge’. Bridge is FDA approved and a revolutionary new way to treat acute and chronic pain, and is now available at Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia.

Opiate rehabilitation is a normal process used in clinics and as self-medication to get relief from pain, trauma, treat drug addiction and cope with withdrawal symptoms. The relapse rate however is alarmingly high.  As per data from National Institute on Drug Abuse, in the US around 2.1 million people suffered from opioid use related disorders in 2012. In the case of drug addiction, the addicts also need to go through the withdrawal process without the aid of opioid pain relievers.

The Bridge is a non-invasive, non-opioid method utilizing neuro-stimulation through a small device attached behind the ear. The device blocks pain signals from reaching the brain, thus providing relief within minutes. According to studies, the Bridge, an auricular peripheral nerve field stimulator, caused a 70 percent reduction in pain in 20 minutes, and a 100 percent elimination of pain in 60 minutes. The device can be used for 5 days at a stretch.

President and CEO Terry Bruce said, “The release of innovative new products in the field of addiction recovery is desperately needed to help relieve our nation’s troubling dive into opiate addiction. The treatments most in use today by treatment centers are trading one addiction for another. Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia will continue to add innovative, affective, and economical solutions to our opiate rehabilitation repertoire.”

Patients on medically assisted drug rehabilitation or recovery programs through opiates often drop out due to adverse withdrawal symptoms. With the availability of Bridge, they need not fear adverse effects and can go into rehabilitation with a cleaner, safer and non-opioid pain killer, followed after a 5-day detox with a non-addictive blocker and outpatient treatment as needed

Assisted Recovery Center of Georgia is known for developing its innovative “bio-psych-social” protocols that are seen as the future of addiction treatment. The adoption of Bridge is yet another step for the Center in its mission to use the very latest tools of medical science along with one-on-one counseling to treat alcohol and drug addiction.

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