Aspects that people need to note during the installation for the pneumatic control valve

MAY 12, 2015 – America – The installation position of the China pressure control valve should have such height from the ground and the upper and lower of the valve should be left some space for valve disassembly and repair. For those valves which have been installed the pneumatic positioner and hand wheel, people should pay more attention to ensure that the operator, observe and adjusting for this device should be convenient enough.

The China temperature control valve should be installed on a horizontal pipe and be vertically with the pipe up and down. Generally, the valve bottom should be supported by something to ensure stable and reliable. When it is in the process of installation, the control valve should be avoided the bringing additional stress.

Thirdly, the operating temperature of the control valve should be -30 to +60 and the relative humidity must be less than 95% to 95%.

The longitudinal position of the valve should leave with the straight pipe which length is not less than 10 times of the pipe diameter which could help to avoid short straight pipe valve affect flow characteristics.

People should remember that the diameter of the control valve is not same with the outside pipe connection should be used. In that case, please pay more attention to the connection of them.

Before the installation for the China control valve, please completely remove foreign material inside the tubes such as dirt, welding slag.

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