AsianDate Provides Updated Information About Their Anti Scam Measures

AsianDate shares its scam protection measures through a YouTube video.

AsianDate, the leading online dating network that helps connect single men from across the globe with strikingly beautiful Asian women, has provided more details of their scam protection measures through a recently-released YouTube video. The popular dating site offers 100 percent scam-free guaranteed dating, so that registered members can have a stress-free dating experience.

“Our strong anti-scam policy forms the foundation of our commitment to your safety and satisfaction while dating online,” says the Chief Communications Officer for AsianDate, Lawrence Cervantes. “We have a zero tolerance approach towards dating scam and deal with all such activities very strictly. Our anti-scam team is vigilant and trained to detect scams proactively to ensure your interests and security is not compromised at any cost.”

The video takes viewers through the measures that AsianDate has in place to safeguard the interest of members. AsianDate has partnerships with thousands of global agencies, but choosing their partners is done through a highly regulated process. It involves background checks, legal checks, and credit checks. All agency owners and administrators have to pass a training course, after which they are tested by AsianDate to decide whether they are ready to join the AsianDate network.

Another key element of their anti-scam policy is profile verification of ladies. All agencies in the network are required to follow AsianDate’s strict verification guidelines before they register a lady member. Every single lady member’s passport is checked to verify their identity. The lady’s background is also checked to confirm the veracity of their status claims. The ladies also have to provide a videotape interview where they are asked specific questions that further establish their authenticity.

Every lady member is contacted personally after some time to ensure they are following the company’s stringent guidelines and policies. The work is strenuous and highly detailed, but that’s precisely how AsianDate works. They have an absolutely uncompromising approach to online dating scams. The company has invested millions of dollars in incorporating the latest anti scam technologies in their systems just to make sure their members can have a hassle-free and scam-free online dating experience.

The AsianDate customer service department is available round the clock on all days of the week to help members resolve any issues they might face during their online stint.

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