Ashley King Speaks at the 1st Annual Dekalb County Public Library (DCPL)

As she unveils another amazing new book for pre-sale!

August 8th, 2017 – Ashley King the author of a popular book titled ‘The S Factor: the guide to being, single, satisfied and saved’ would be speaking in the First annual Dekalb County Public Library. This program is organized for local authors hence a Local Author Expo.

The annual Dekalb program would hold on Saturday, August 19th, 2017. Over the years, Ashley has been known for her highly differentiating book on how to be satisfied as a young single Christian. In her book she wrote about the necessary steps on how to be exceptional as a young Christian.

Book description:

The S Factor is a book that first triggers a quick self reflection. This is needed because every desired change any woman needs is in the fact of correcting a particular trait or an age long belief system. Only by this method we can reach within ourselves to discover the talent and skill which we possess. “The S Factor was specifically written to help women to grow as virtual women of Christ by looking at, first and foremost, one’s self. The S Factor features practical Christian principles to discover one’s most innermost strength, talent, skills and strategies.”

“What makes this book stand out from other self help book is that this book provides the reality of the Christian walk.” Ashley doesn’t just hand over some list of commandments but she will help you realize and follow judiciously without any slightest feel of coercion.

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In addition to this, Ashley would be introducing her new book in a pre-sale format titled “The making of the millennial entrepreneur”. In this new series, Ashley interviewed six millennial entrepreneurs; they shared their stories and how they surpassed the very many difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur.

This book will be available December 1, 2017.


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