Asheville Brain Training introduces a non-invasive, drug-free approach to assist kids with ADHD

Using neurofeedback to assist people who are experiencing brain wave dysregulation to retrain their brain and recover optimum neural functioning

Asheville Brain Training proudly announced their latest approach to assist kids suffering from ADHD. With this method, Neurofeedback will be used to change the way the brain functions. The brain can be regulated naturally with a drugless solution to the problem of ADHD.  In many cases, using medication is not always effective because when you’re done taking it, the problem is still there. But with this new approach patients will notice changes in their primary symptoms within 5-10 sessions.


“I was a chiropractor when my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD.  Not liking any of the options the medical community presented to me, I looked for a non-invasive, drug-free approach to help my daughter.  My research led me to Neurofeedback, and I was surprised to discover that it had four decades of university-level research supporting its efficacy. My wife and I noticed positive results with her after only eight sessions.” Said Dr. Yonce, the founder of Asheville Brain Training while talking about how he discovered the new approach. 

“After seeing how it changed my daughter’s life trajectory (and thus our family’s), it became my goal and practiced focus to spread the word that there is a safe and effective alternative to help our children. I decided to be part of a different path, and have been a full-time neurofeedback doctor since 2011 offering brain maps, neurofeedback and related Brain Training and Brain Health therapies and procedures.” He added.

Every patient starts with a comprehensive brain map to determine whether Asheville Brain Training can help. Dr. Yonce will personally go over your results to ensure you understand exactly what to expect.  

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