Artistic Air Purifying launched on crowdfunding

An air purifier developed by an awarded design team combines art with magic-like features to make a unique decoration item that also leaves the air pure, clean and fresh

Hong Kong – An awarded design team is launching today on Kickstarter a crowdfunding campaign to fund the production of Magic of Water, an artistic lamp displaying a magic-like visual effect seen in theaters in the movie “Now You See Me 2”, and which has very particular air purifying properties through its negative ionizer features.

“We spent 15 months researching and developing a patented anti-gravity water drop technology that creates an unbelievably special visual effect. The device also produces what could be called air vitamins, and we’re happy to say that we are now about to make it available for people all over the world,” stated the author of the crowdfunding campaign.

The hourglass-shaped Magic of Water artistic air purifier is a negative ion generating device that keeps releasing negative ions – or anions – into the room where it is placed. Suitable for usage in bedrooms, study rooms, libraries, yoga studios, offices, shops, bars and restaurants, the negative ions that Magic of Water releases have a long list of health benefits, such as:

  • clean air like the odorless and tasteless fresh air that can be felt around mountains and beaches
  • indoor air that is free from odors and that is kept healthily humid and sterilized
  • stress and tension relief, with the mood uplifting properties of negative ions in the air that also promote a restful sleep
  • improved indoor air quality
  • increased energy through an increased oxygen flow to the brain
  • neutralized free radicals, stronger immune system, and revitalized cellular metabolism
  • neutralized effects of excessive exposure to positive ions, namely from cell phones, computers, and TVs
  • absorbed harmful particles from second-hand smoke
  • removed harmful types of gases, namely with PM2.5 in the air reduced by 96.62% and formaldehyde reduced up to 93.9%

“We also have the option of having a clock function for added convenience, for the potential backers who may prefer it,” project owner commented, further saying that, “We are very proud to have the Award Winning Design Teams, Bruce & DOTO Team who have won the Red Dot, iF Design Award, and Good Design. This is the kind of project that we like to develop and want to be involved with.”

The water drops moving upwards that Magic of Water presents create a visual effect that resembles a scene of Hollywood blockbuster “Now You See Me 2”, in which Jesse Eisenberg’s character makes the rain stop and raindrops move around at his command. “The decorative impact that Magic of Water offers is truly remarkable and no one will be indifferent to it,” the crowdfunder promised.

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