Arranging for private X-rays in London now made easier and more convenient by Alliance Medical

X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool to determine various medical and health conditions. For those who require an X-ray but want to make the procedure as easy and convenient as possible, private X-rays in London are now more accessible, thanks to Alliance Medical in London.

UNITED KINGDOM – 9 Apr, 2018 – X-ray imaging has been used for years for the diagnosis of many conditions, and it is, in fact, one of the most common imaging procedures used for many individuals. With a proper X-ray, images of organs, bones, and tissues can be produced – and this gives specialists the information they need to move forward with treatment.

For those who need to go through an X-ray for whatever reason, it may be difficult to find a centre which can provide them with the service they require. This is where the services of Alliance Medical come in. Alliance Medical has been a long-standing player in medical imaging technology in the UK and Europe for almost 25 years, and it has cemented its reputation as a centre for excellence in imaging technology. As Alliance Medical confirms, “Our flexible approach to service delivery has enabled services to be offered to the NHS, private hospitals and clinics alike. We operate 50 static imaging sites across the UK ranging from MRI units to multi-modality stand-alone imaging centres. Our static sites offer X-ray, MRI, CT, PET/CT, interventional radiology, ultrasound and DEXA scanning.”

Scheduling an X-ray appointment has also been made much easier by Alliance Medical through its very own website. Those who would like to schedule an appointment for an X-ray can do so simply by giving the Alliance Medical centre a ring or sending an email. Alternatively, those who already have a referral form or letter can just as easily make a reservation by downloading the imaging request form on the Alliance Medical website.

Patients in London can take advantage of two scanning centres, one in Bulstrode Place and another on Harley Street. Those who book an appointment for an X-ray or any other type of imaging procedure with Alliance Medical are fully assured of a superior service. Alliance Medical adds, “With experienced and expertly skilled clinical, medical support and patient liaison employees, Alliance Medical in London provides gold standard diagnostic imaging and outpatient services in two convenient central London locations.”

These centres in London have been in existence and have been operational for more than 12 years, providing London residents with the highest standard of care and excellence they require.

About the company:

Alliance Medical is a specialist in different types of scanning and imaging procedures, from MRI to CT scans, PET scans, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and X-ray.

For more information on getting a private X ray in London, visit the Alliance Medical website.

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