Armstrong Air and Heating Makes “The Fast 50 List” in Orlando, FL

Armstrong Air charges a fair price and provide exemplary customer service
Full-service HVAC Company is One of Many Fast-Growing Orlando Companies

With the sun, sand and ocean, Florida certainly has plenty of ways to play. But Florida also works hard, too, as evidenced by the Orlando Business Journal’s first annual “Fast 50” List, a collection of the fastest-growing, most dynamic companies in town. It’s definitely an exciting year for local commerce.

The Journal’s list is a who’s who of hard-working, up-and-coming businesses, most of which are located around the Orlando area. The list is diverse, too, with banks, health care, brewers, restaurants and more.

One business on the list which residents are probably the most excited about is Armstrong Air and Heating. After all, without air conditioning in Orlando, most businesses wouldn’t even be able to stay open. A cool indoor climate is an absolute must if you want your customers and employees to stay comfortable all year long. With summer right around the corner, business at Armstrong Air and Heating is expected to just keep on rising – much like the temperatures outside as winter is left further and further behind.

Air Repair You Can Trust

Air conditioning repair in Orlando, Florida, is big business, since basically every structure in town has some sort of HVAC system. It can be tough, however, to find a service company you can trust. This is why the Orlando Business Journal’s “Fast 50” list is so valuable – when a company makes the list, you know it’s a company you can trust.

At Armstrong Air and Heating, they’re here to work with your budget and needs. They provide all types of HVAC services including:

•          New air conditioner installation

•          Existing air conditioner repair

•          Air filtration systems / allergen reducers

•          Preventative maintenance services

Prevention Saves Money and Hassle

Many people don’t think about their a/c unit unless something goes wrong. This is a costly mistake. With Armstrong’s inclusion in the Journal’s “Fast 50,” the professionals at Armstrong hope more people are reminded how important preventative maintenance can be.

Their HVAC professionals offer a 21 point inspection plan, where they analyze the efficiency and performance of your residential or commercial system. An efficient system is a system which will save you money every month on your power bills, and a system which is inspected regularly is far less likely to need major repairs down the line. Plus, the 21 point inspection is inexpensive, while major repairs can certainly have high associated costs.

Orlando’s Best of the Best

For a company to be included on the “Fast 50” they must be good at what they do, charge a fair price, and provide exemplary customer service. Armstrong Air does all that and more. They understand Florida’s climate, and how it affects HVAC system. They also understand how important air conditioning is to the residents of Orlando – after all, they live here, too.

For more information on Armstrong Air and Heating, or how your business can benefit from a 21 point HVAC inspection plan, visit their website at or call (407) 877-8090 (office) or (407) 877-8497 (fax)

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