Areva Solar Mole Repellent Designs to Improve Upon How Well Pests Are Controlled

Uses Pulses and Waves to Keep Moles and Other Underground Pests Out of a Spot

October 12, 2017 – The issues that can come from having moles around one’s land can be difficult to manage. This is where the Areva Solar Mole Repellent tool can come in handy. This is a distinct mobile electronic device that operates on solar energy to create sound waves that keep moles, voles, snakes and other similar pests from sticking around one’s property.

The tool is a distinct and unique option for pest control purposes that works quite well. It produces sound waves and vibrations from a metal stake base. These waves and pulses irritate moles and other underground pests like snakes. This comes as it suggests an area might be very dangerous to be around, thus causing them to run off before they can possibly be hurt.

This is a distinct tool that uses a solar panel on its top to collect energy for power usage. It uses this to charge up the battery inside the unit. As it collects energy, it stores it well to operate around the clock, thus improving upon how well it protects a yard.

A few ambient LED lights are added onto the tool. This illuminates the area being treated at night and will not interfere with the natural functionality of the tool.

This can handle around 7,000 to 8,500 square feet of space on average. It is also easy to install. The stake uses a USB cable that goes onto a port at the very top. The Areva Repellent tool is then attached to the top of the stake. This will trigger the motions in the pole to create the waves that keep pests out of a spot.

This is a useful and simple tool that works in various dry solid spots. The device works better when the ground is solid.

The product is available for sale online on Areva Amazon Store. The repellent product is designed to be helpful for any property that is struggling with trying to keep moles off of a space. It is simple and easy to use while also being safe for anyone as it does not harm anyone; it just keeps moles out of a spot.

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