ARESPAY is the future of bank transactions

ARESPAY from ARESCOIN now has 150 merchants connected to it. Merchants and customers, alike, are able to save money by using the ARESCOIN payment gateway. Consumers are also protected since one of the objectives of its implementation is to safeguard data during each customer transaction.

ARESCOIN has been campaigning actively for people to have their electronic money cards exchanged at their banks through the ARESPAY payment system.

ARESCOIN will be launched late in 2018 with three objectives to its implementation. They are:

1. To create an interconnected ecosystem of payment systems that has interoperability and is able to carry out transactions including authorisation, clearing, and settlement.

2. To improve consumer protection by safeguarding data during each customer transaction.

3. To ensure the availability and integrity of the national payment systems transaction data in order to support the effectiveness of monetary policy transmission, intermediation efficiency, and financial system resilience.

One of the advantages of ARESPAY is saving costs on charges per transaction done, which is estimated to be US 4.5million per year. ARESPAY will also efficiently cut the value of domestic payment transaction that is carried out overseas.

Obtaining an ARESPAY system is easy. Customers need only to set up their ARESPAY wallet on the ARESCOIN website. Merchants can also apply on the ARESCOIN website for their own personalized QR code for customers to transfer in ARESCOIN starting from the Quarter 4 in 2018.

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