ARDEN a unique smart device looking to dethrone major tech giants

7 September, 2017 – Jetsons Living, a noteworthy company that has created a product which seems to outperform major players like Apple, Google, and Amazon in the home automation space. With their amazing new product named Arden, this start-up company is looking to revolutionize security,  media, information delivery and advertising.  Surprisingly they seemed to have created a media devices that does exactly what the consumer wished for.

“Our mission is to provide technology solutions that outshine any potential competition. Jetsons Living ensures that when we complete a job or sell a product, customer’s expectations are not only met but surpassed. We strive to give our consumers the best product for their money” said Burick Graham, the founder of Jetsons Living.

Arden is very unique among other similar products in that it is the only product in the world that allows security cameras to overlay on your television regardless of what you are watching.  Not only that, cameras are triggered by both voice control using the Amazon echo and motion detection. Allowing customers to always be aware of what is going on around their home and doing so unobtrusively by displaying the content in a pip (picture in picture) window.

The product, Arden, brings added functionality to other products like the Ring doorbell which is already in the market. Currently, ring doesn’t have television and full Alexa support but Arden is able to display ring on customers televisions as well as doing so with a voice command through Alexa. It is remarkable that the CEO of ring has seen the product and is very interested and ready to fully support.

Arden is able to control Apps like Google, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and other media apps with voice as well.  Once one is connected to Arden, the person is able to do some unique things. The product is also able to display relevant information such as weather updates, reminders, calendar, events and several others with the same overlay feature as mentioned above. All alerts are interactive and when clicked can be directed to open videos, web pages and other media content.

Jetsons Living, the first step into the future takes pride knowing that no other company can beat them in what they do. They also render services such as home consultations, custom installation, and corporate automation.  For Professional excellence, high quality service with convenience and ease, Jetsons Living is second to none.

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