ArabianDate Explores Popular Tunisian Dishes to Motivate Conversations and Inspire Love

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ArabianDate names top dishes popular in Tunisia to cultivate Arab knowledge and provide unique conversation ice-breakers with stunning Arab ladies.

As a response to the growing interest in Arab culture and online interaction, international dating platform ArabianDate has compiled a list of the top dishes popular for stimulating romantic connections among Tunisian Arabs with singles across the world.

Socializing with dinner guests as a way to get to know them is a standard practice in Arab culture.  In fact, during these events there is no such thing as privacy and frequent invitations to return and maintaining constant contact are routine customs.  Possessing the knowledge of common foods found in Tunisia will not only impress an Arab beauty, but also serves as an easy conversation starter with someone of romantic interest.

First up on the list is a dish that put Tunisia and North West Africa on the culinary map.  Tunisian Couscous has fine grains spiced with harissa and is most often served containing lamb, chick peas, peppers, carrots, and potatoes.  However, Tunisia is also well known for often containing fish instead of other meats in their couscous—a point worth mentioning to a Tunisian love interest.

In a country outlined by miles of coastline, it is easy to understand why ArabianDate names Grilled Fish as a popular dish among Tunisians.  The three common fish eaten in Tunisia are Loup, Dourade, and Rouget.  Loup is a mild, flaky whitefish similar to cod, Dourade is just a bit sharper like snapper, and Rouget is a smaller fish with a sweet flavor and high oil content.  Usually, an entire fish is tossed on the grill with freshly squeezed lemon, salt, and pepper added and served with French fries. 

Lastly, Ojja is a spicy stew that contains various meats, tomatoes, harissa, onion, garlic, peppers, olive oil, and egg.  Generally it is served in very large portions and is differentiated by which types of meat it is cooked with.  Ojja Merguez, containing several tiny spicy sausages is the most popular type found in Tunisia.  However, Ojja Royale made with a variety of seafood like clam, mussels, shrimp, scallops, and fish is also a common recipe.  No matter the variation, Ojja is a very spicy dish and is usually served with pieces of bread used as vessels to eat with. 

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