Apple Veteran Michael Hageloh Shares Post-Graduation Career Tips

Long-time Apple sales professional Michael Hageloh shares some job search tips with recent college graduates.

After a 22-year tenure at Apple, followed by a brief stint at Adobe, Michael Hageloh has become heavily involved with the University of South Florida, where he regularly addresses students and provides them with his insights into business, career advancement, and more. Now, in a new statement to the press, Hageloh addresses recent college and university graduates from throughout the nation—providing them with insights into the post-graduation job search process.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some great college career centers, and admire the work that so many of them do in preparing students for the job market,” Hageloh comments. “With that said, I also think it can be helpful for graduates to hear some tips and insights from those who bring a slightly different perspective—those who have served in key roles at major companies.”

Hageloh, who often emphasizes the integral role of relationships, encourages students to reach out to the people they most admire—and if possible, to do so in person. “One of the best ways to advance your career is to simply initiate a relationship with people in the industry who you admire,” he says. “Doing so via email or social media is okay, but doing so in person, perhaps at a networking event or a convention, is better still. Remember, you’re unlikely to receive a job offer from someone who is just your Facebook friend.”

Attending conventions is something Hageloh is adamant about. “Not only will this enhance your level of awareness, with regard to your industry, but it will also help you get in some face time and formulate some actual, personal connections with people who could hire you—sooner or later,” he notes.

Hageloh also remarks that many professional connections are facilitated outside of offices, workspaces, and convention halls. “Some of the most meaningful professional relationships happen in bars and great restaurants,” he says. “Getting into the habit of eating at nice places, instead of chains and fast food joints, can go a long way.”

With that said, Hageloh also offers some tips about digital job seeking. He advises recent graduates to stop using their .edu email addresses, and instead to set up professional email accounts — perhaps a full name and a Gmail domain. “Anything you can do to look more ‘adult’ in the eyes of employers is probably a good thing,” he explains.

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Serving as director of special projects focused on the sales education initiative at the University of South Florida, Michael Hageloh is a proven sales executive with more than 20 years of experience.

Much of that experience is with Apple Inc., where he began in the company’s education division in 1988. Hageloh moved into a crucial role within Apple’s sales organization. In that role, he developed a vertical education selling strategy and forged relationships with thought leaders, policymakers, and other influencers in the education and technology spheres. He also acquired experience in a key academic sales role at Adobe, where he facilitated, along with French banking and financial services firm Société Générale, a unique single licensing transaction valued at $11.7 million. Overall, Hageloh delivered close to a billion dollars in revenue during the course of his career.

Hageloh is the creator of the Rhythm-Selling System. He’s a high-spirited author, a beat-ahead thinker, and a charismatic authentic talker. Hageloh can be contacted online via his website,, his Facebook page, and on Twitter.

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