Apple Releases iPhone 6 with Health App, New Apple Watch

Personal health devices and platforms highlight expanding health-tracking trend

In Apple’s much-anticipated product launch today, the company revealed two versions of the iPhone 6 as well as its new smartwatch, Apple’s first wearable device. The iPhone 6 comes equipped with iOS 8, which feature’s Apple’s new Health app and the HealthKit central hub for users’ medical data. The Apple Watch is embedded with more than 10 sensors to monitor health and fitness signs. These new health-related products from Apple highlight the growing trend towards daily monitoring of one’s health and health-related activities.

Another advanced health tool gathering steam in the personal health arena is the online platform, released several weeks ago. takes personal health data, such as that gathered by Apple’s new devices, and suggests specific foods, a precise exercise plan, and other health choices for each user’s body, based on instant feedback. Apple’s Health app for iOS 8 gathers personal health information from a diversity of health tracking apps, such as heart rate, calories burned, sleep patterns, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and the Apple HealthKit lets the user share this information with their physician and other healthcare practitioners.

Matt Riemann, Founder and CEO of personal health platform, sees this trend as a positive move towards a healthier nation. According to Riemann, “Technology is rapidly incorporating the positive trend towards taking health seriously, from what we put into our bodies to tracking our progress. While Apple’s new smartwatch and Health app are focusing the spotlight on monitoring health and increasing longevity, is taking this data one step further, from information to action. Personal health monitoring is the first step in awareness of how our daily choices make a difference to our health; a recommended personal health plan to follow based on that feedback is what comes next. What seems like science fiction to us today will be second nature to future generations.”

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