Apple Bookstore iBooks Bans Book for Inappropriate Cover Art

The “banned” cover
Tijuana Baby, a novel by author Robert Haukoos from Moonshine Cove Publishing has been banned from the Apple iBooks store for inappropriate cover art., Barnes and Noble, Abe Books, Book Depository, Valore Books and many other U.S. retailers are offering the book for sale with the original cover. Blackwell in the U.K., and Amazon in the U.K., Canada, France, Germany, Italy and other countries are also offering the book with the original cover.

Tijuana Baby is a debut novel from Robert Haukoos and tells the story of two L.A. filmmakers who get trapped in Tijuana trying to save a 14-year-old girl from being forced into prostitution by a wicked drug smuggler. 

“It’s disappointing that Apple iBooks has chosen to ban this book,” said author Robert Haukoos.  “It’s a mystery why they declined to accept a serious novel with tasteful artwork that reflects the actual subject matter of the book, when their catalogue includes a broad selection of explicit and violent songs, movies and video games.”  

The cover art features an original painting by artist Thomas Hoffman of a nude girl reclining on a couch.     

“My main inspiration in style or mode of art is German Expressionism,” commented artist Thomas Hoffman. “I find it ironic that that my main source for inspiration, German Expressionism, was banned by the Nazis and now my art is being banned by Apple as ‘inappropriate’.”

The actual content of the book has not been reviewed by Apple and hasn’t been officially rejected but it cannot be offered for sale through the Apple iBook store with the current cover, in effect causing it to be a banned book.

Despite the controversial cover, advance reviews for Tijuana Baby have been positive:

“…plenty of unexpected twists and dark turns…Tijuana Baby is one road trip you’ll be glad you took and one you will never forget!” — Gary Yambor, Author of An Easy Score.

“…an absolute page-turner…only in the end do you learn who the true Tijuana Baby is.” — Heather Christena Schmidt, Writer, Blogger & Misanthrope .

“A rollicking & delightful romp from Tijuana to Hollywood … and back again.” — Stan Corwin, author of Oxymorons I Have Known – A Memoir of Fame & Famous Acquaintances.

This is not the first time Apple has banned a book based upon its cover.  In March of this year, Apple iBooks banned the French book “La Femme” by Benedicte Martin. The cover of the book features a naked woman shaped into a knife.

Publisher Oliver Frébourg of Les Editions des Equateurs told online news site The Local that “it’s extraordinary in the year 2014 that this kind of censorship can happen.” The company is so infuriated by what it sees as an “act of censorship which acts against the liberty of creation,” that it has called on France’s Minister of Culture to intervene.

Freedom of speech and expression in France and America may be decreed by the people and their governments, but when you are as big as Apple, you can judge a book by its cover and get away with it.

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