AP for Women to Announce the Launch of Mod Lux 2013 Collection on May 22, 2013

Apr. 4, 2013 – AP for Women, a leading fashion line company of modesty wear for women that consists of clothes that cover the cleavage, legs, and arms, will launch its new Mod Lux 2013 Collection on May 22, 2013, designed by AP’s founder, Ashley Pecolia. 
Just months before the launch of her newest clothing collection, Pecolia is already busy doing the necessary arrangements and preparations to ensure the success of the event. She is very excited, as she will once again be able to showcase her unique garment design that embodies modesty and the rich American fashion.
The mission AP for Women is to create comfortable, luxurious and affordable clothing for everyday modern modest women. The said fashion line company also remembers that culture is important that is why it is incorporated in their designs and collections. Its label also caters to the needs of everyone, not just plus-sized or religious women. 
Pecolia, the designer and founder of AP, is a Muslim born in New Jersey. Her passion is to incorporate the modern American modesty fashion on her creations. She also believes that the real beauty of women will come out without showing their flesh. 
Pecolia made her mark in the fashion industry during the New York Fashion Week held on September 8, 2012. She has also been in more than 20 publications, which include Global News, Charlotte Mix, New York Life Magazine and Google News to name a few. 
With the upcoming launch of Pecolia’s Mod Lux 2013 Collection, it is expected that many women who dress modestly will be able to satisfy their cravings when it comes to fashion. To cater to the highest fashion demands of women, Pecolia will also continuously design more clothes for her next collections. It is also expected that she will offer discounts and promos to give shoppers convenience. 
AP for Women is one of the most remarkable fashion line companies of today that embodies the Muslim culture through its unique and high quality creations. 
For more details about the upcoming launch of the New Mod Lux 2013 Collection designed by Ashley Pecolia, visit AP for Women’s website at http://www.linkedin.com/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog%2E…. To shop personally, shoppers can also arranging a private shopping experience with the designer, email Ashley@ashleypdesigns.com.

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