AnyFlip offers the unique free PDF to flipbook software for content marketing

PDF to flipbook software
An electronic eBook which allows publishing houses to create their own content in a flippable pdf format has been made available to the network. It is AnyFlip , the free PDF to flipbook software.

AnyFlip is a revolutionary and innovative PDF to flipbook software allowing users to convert pdf files into online flip books. Working across a variety of industry including books and documents; AnyFlip adds a further dimension to content creation.

Appealing to a range of audiences publishing houses can enrich their content through the online software. The interactive flip book software creates realistic virtual bookcases and allows for content creators to embed their bookcases on their websites. Users are also able to zoom in and out of books and print or download flip books for offline purposes.

Jason, Marketing Manager of AnyFlip sees the interactive feature as a rising star in the digital publishing sector and will help businesses differentiate their content online.  ‘Broadcasting content has traditionally has involved a 1 dimensional process. Our new software tool allows for a multi dimensional process allowing users to engage and dive deeper into the content created’

In addition to the interactive flip book publishing houses can also invite customers to experience their content via email or provide social media links to common platforms including Facebook and Twitter. 

Features of AnyFlip

  • Engaging and friendly to search engine.
  • Mobile friendly and flexible to share on social network.
  • All online flip books are on realistic bookcases. Even users can embed the bookcase on their website.
  • Zoom-able and printable.

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