Anton Jones, Celebrity Leather Garment Artiste, Launches GoFundMe Campaign For Groundbreaking App, MoneyForLikes & Views

USA – May 7, 2018 – Anton Jones, the world-famous fashion designer with a vast celebrity clientele, has taken on a different kind of challenge than that of being a bespoke leather garment virtuoso. This time, Mr. Jones has poured his creativity in another, fast-growing field with a broad outreach: that of app development. His first app, MoneyForLikes & Views, is currently nearing the stage of completion, however, there is a need to secure the necessary funds for its final stages of development. To achieve the financial aspect of doing so, Mr. Jones has recently launched a GoFundMe campaign, aiming to raise the appropriate capital to conceptualize, test and launch the app.

MoneyForLikes & Views is an innovative concept, through which artists; musicians; media companies; content creators; influencers; instructors; personalities, and anyone with an active web presence gain compensation for their work through each click, like, view and share of their published pieces. The app will give them a platform through which they can not only gain a revenue stream, but also enjoy appreciation from their readers and viewers. With the cost set at just a few cents per click, MoneyForLikes & Views users will be highly motivated to help their favorite creators gain the recognition they deserve.

“My idea sprung from the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”. I am a firm believer that many wish to pay for creators’ work, yet so far have no platform to do so. MoneyForLikes & Views is here to change that” said Mr. Jones. “With the app’s Android version already complete, all proceeds from the GoFundMe campaign will go towards developing the app’s iOS version, its translation to at least twelve languages, and marketing efforts for its effective promotion. I am looking forward to sharing my vision with the world and introduce a new era in the world of online content creation.”

The app is expected to launch in July, 2018. Those interested in contributing to the GoFundMe campaign are advised to do so in a timely manner, so as to help expedite the app’s release.

Mr. Jones has shared that he is happy to provide further information concerning the app’s full capabilities, as well as its design and functions, to anyone interested in learning more about MoneyForLikes & Views, upon private communication.

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