Anti-Drug Activists Focusing on Painkillers, Reports Chapters Capistrano

According to Chapters Capistrano, more and more anti-drug groups are shifting their attention to prescription painkillers.

Anti-drug activism is nothing new; for decades now, concerned parents, medical professionals, and community members have spoken out against the dangers of substance abuse. Often, these groups focus on illegal drugs, but in recent years the focus has shifted—with more and more activist groups speaking out against prescription painkillers. Chapters Capistrano has released a new statement to the press, illuminating this trend.

“Why are more and more anti-drug activists turning from street drugs to prescription painkillers? Sadly, it is because this is where so much drug abuse is happening, and where many drug-related deaths are originating,” comments Mike Shea, the founder of Chapters Capistrano. “At our California drug and alcohol rehab facility, we are seeing more and more clients whose addiction began with perfectly legal, doctor-recommended drugs.”

A recent USA Today  article sheds further light on the issue. “Since 1990, the number of deaths from prescription drug overdose has tripled,” the article reports. “On average, 46 people die from prescription drug overdoses each day.” Adds Shea, “Among young people, prescription drugs tend to be abused more than others—excepting alcohol and marijuana. This is a real epidemic.”

The USA Today report goes on to note the efforts of Community Ant-Drug Coalitions of America, a network of more than 5,000 grassroots anti-drug groups. CADCA is doing much to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription painkiller abuse, including a robust social media campaign.

These activist endeavors are yielding fruit. Says the article: “Early indications are that efforts to reduce prescription drug abuse may be working. Last week, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy reported that in 2012, the latest year data are available, the number of deaths from prescription painkillers dropped 5 percent to 16,007.”

According to Shea, however, there are still many who are struggling. “This remains a prevalent and deadly form of addiction,” he says. “In addition to these activist groups, more and more medical professionals are speaking out about the consequences of painkiller addiction. Meanwhile, at Chapters Capistrano, we provide compassionate and effective recovery paths to those who are in addiction’s grip.”

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