Anteism is excited to be working on a new cutting edge project with artist James ‘Scorpion Dagger’ Kerr

James Kerr’s Scorpion Dagger, has cleverly reproached the seriousness of 15th and 16th century painting, found most commonly in the further reading required for the interpretation of religious iconography, by merging contemporary elements such as hot dogs, taking selfies, skate parks, and various social media outlets, just to name a few.  

At first glance this book looks and feels like any coffee table art book. 

Hover your tablet/phone over the printed page and watch the book come to life with the artist’s animations playing live on the page.

Like the best art books on your shelf, Scorpion Dagger will be a great read with fine reproductions and in-depth texts on the artists’ work. Many of the 100+ colour pages will also utilize an Augmented Reality technology to transform the printed image to an animation viewable through a custom app and phone or tablet.

“In an act of da Vinci-esque brilliance, the Montreal-based illustrator has combined the mastery of early Renaissance paintings with the comic stylings of a Mike Judge television show. His site “Scorpion Dagger” features GIFs of beer-chugging priests, crowd-surfing disciples, and Jesus with a jetpack.” – Margaret Rhodes, Wired

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Contact Person: JAMES KERR
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Phone: 339-203-2841
Country: United States