IPSwich is a company that trains gun users whether for recreational purposes, personal protection, or for professional use. IPSwich Sporting Firearms, together with Queensland Military Rifle Club provides firearms safety courses. The courses that are offered are for categories A, B, C, D, and H.

We are living in an era where owning guns has become a relevant and common practice. Therefore, there is a need to educate thepublic about gun safety and proper handling of guns. This is the reason why IPSwich Sporting Firearms and Queensland Military Rifle Club work together to ensure that everyone has access to the information and training they need before they can handle firearms. The company is pleased to announce new course dates for those interested to attend the firearms safety courses. The new dates will be communicated with immediate effect to everyone who is interested in the courses offered.

The firearms safety courses are organised and conducted following nationally accredited guidelines and rules. The people assigned to lead the classes are well trained and highly skilled. The courses run for seven hours from the time they start to the time they end. Some theory components are delivered as lectures, and an assessment is conducted at the end of each section. The theory part covers the safe use of the gun, licensing requirements, gun ownership, legal obligations, the purchase and storage of the weapon, and one’s responsibility as an owner.

After the theory part, the practical evaluation will then follow. There will be live firing on a shooting range, and the students will handle the relevant firearm category they want safety accreditation for use.  The students will train on safe handling of firearms, loading of weapons, firing from different points, unloading guns, and so one.

During the course, the ‘students’ get to learn plenty of things. The different ammunition will have different tests that the candidates will undergo. At the end of the training, the gun user will be well aware of the theoretical part of gun ownership as well as the practical part of handling firearms. Other than that, the candidates will also learn about firearm maintenance and cleaning which is a crucial part of handling firearms.  

When successful candidates are done with the course they were undertaking; they will be reward with a safety certificate – 1061NAT Course in firearms safety. The document will show the category of firearm the candidate is qualified to handle.

IPSwich runs these courses at IPSwich Pistol Club at Karrabin Qld 4306. You can check out for more information. To get the information about the dates, you can contact Scott Geelan who is a licensed firearms instructor by calling 0408828824. You can also send an email at

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