Announcing a new beginning in VR/AR Streaming with VTUUR

Today we are happy to announce the beginning of a new horizon in travel and technology. VTUUR has created a Virtual Reality platform that seeks to create a world where travel is borderless. By offering on-demand, customizable VR streams, the power of this technology is placed into everyone’s hands. 

For too long, technological advances have been predicted by experts but have taken years to be fully integrated into the lives of the general public. VTUUR is here to bring this long-awaited and anticipated technology to people around the world. 

As a dedicated pioneer of the VR and AR travel experience, VTUUR aspires to democratize the excitement and joy of travel to all. Virtually, we can build bridges, break down walls, and grow cultural understanding. 

Our application connects tourists, guides and advertisers on-demand to offer a leaner and more convenient platform for the VR industry. By implementing non-intrusive, AI selected advertising content, existing tour operators and a huge variety of businesses will have the opportunity to benefit from the shift towards a digital economy. 

For consumers, VTUUR’s platform gives them control to explore the world uninhibited using nothing but a smartphone and a VR headset. As the first to implement AI technology alongside our VR/AR platform, VTUUR strives to be a source of constant innovation in the industry and looks forward to more exciting announcements coming up. 

VTUUR also wants to spark new discussions on possibilities in combining VR/AR with blockchain capabilities. In this way, technology can be democratized at a scale never before seen. 

‘This technology is about growing opportunities and changing perceptions. Those goals require pioneering new achievements‚ and obtaining new perspectives. Both of them are optimised by new people and new voices’‚ said Semy Khadraoui‚ COO and Co-founder of VTUUR.

‘Ultimately‚ the world is at a very exciting moment now. We have begun the shift to truly digital living with the internet – but we’ve really only scratched the surface. VR and blockchain will both become giant leaps for humankind – and VTUUR seeks to deliver ‘two for one’. That is why my team and I are so excited about the road ahead‚ and look forward to others joining us.’

Today we announce the start of a new conversation in technology and travel. VTUUR technology seeks to create a world where travel is borderless. It’s time our dialogue is also. 

VTUUR is a leading voice in the emerging travel tech industry and it now seeks to hear from around the world to make everyone’s experience as memorable as possible.

To learn more of VTUUR’s mission see our video here

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