Animal Hospital in Roseville, MN, Provides Preventative Care and Vaccinations for Local Area Pets

Keeping dogs and cats safe from dangerous diseases and other illnesses is one of the many goals of Suburban Animal Hospital in Roseville, MN. This animal care facility provides routine pet vaccinations and other preventative care to ensure each pet lives a happy and healthy life.

Vaccinations are a proven, effective means of preventing dangerous illnesses in animals. Suburban Animal Hospital is helping pet owners protect their loved ones with dog and cat vaccinations. The full-service animal clinic offers vaccination series that will protect pets and improve their quality of life, as well as keep owners and their families safe.

Pet vaccinations are recommended for dogs and cats who have reached the ages of 6-8 weeks old. A pet with an established immunization record doe more than protect the animal–it also keeps others safe. Some municipalities mandate that pets have rabies shots, as this incurable illness can affect both humans and animals. On top of that, boarding facilities may require that animals have their shots to prevent the spread of communicable diseases like Bordetella.

The Suburban Animal Hospital provides a comprehensive approach to care. The certified and experienced veterinarians can arrange immunizations according to individual pets’ needs, considering factors like age, sex, and medical history. The veterinarian is also available to discuss the needs of pet owners, ensuring they have the right information to make the best decisions for their dogs and cats.

Parasites, such as heartworms, can pose significant health risks to both animals and humans. They can be difficult to detect, and the Suburban Animal Hospital is committed to helping pets stay healthy. As part of their vaccination services, the veterinarian also conducts comprehensive parasite screenings and relevant treatments.

Suburban Animal Hospital is committed to helping dogs and cats stay happy and healthy. Since their establishment in 1967, the animal clinic has served as a total health and wellness center. Along with vaccinations, the center offers routine checkups, pet dental cleaning, micro-chipping, imaging and diagnostics, and surgery services. By working closely with pet owners, the team at Suburban Animal Hospital can help animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Call (651) 419-8939 or visit the website to learn more about pet vaccinations. Suburban Animal Hospital proudly serves pets and their owners throughout Roseville, MN, including New Brighton, Falcon Heights, and the surrounding area.

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