Angry Red Ball is now available on iTunes for free download

Angry Red ball is the newly launched gaming app designed for iPhone and iPad that is available for free download on iTunes. The game takes the player on an adventure where they run through, jumping and collecting coins for points. The game features an exciting background where the users run through an adventurous land facing monsters. They can avoid getting killed by the monsters and obstacles by jumping over them. The game brings a modern and exciting touch to the classic arcade gaming where there is a lead character that has to run around the arena fighting or defending all the obstacles put in its way.

Angry Red Ball may look a little inspired from the angry birds but the lead character of the game is new and unique that can fiercely run through the forest adventure set up in the game. To gain points, the player can jump and collect the coins which will increase their score and also allow them to run faster with the angry red ball. The player needs to skip the stars and save themselves from the obstacles on the road. This game is challenging yet fairly easy to play with a few controls. The user can tap the mobile screen to jump, press left or right to roll the ball. If the user touches any of the monsters on their way, they’ll die. “I absolutely love this game, some stages of games are too difficult to complete and I am not a patient person. If you will change the time, or even take away, I will rate this five stars!” says user Hayley J. Miller.

Angry Red Ball features a physics based dash plat forming. The game has 6 awesome worlds that may keep the player engaged in the game for a long while. The game has 50 levels to clear, all with colorful graphics for a thrilling gaming experience.  The developer has surely added a humorous touch to the game by creating a funny lead character, ‘the angry red ball’ in the game. In fact, many of the players have mentioned the game as ‘very funny’.

Mohsin Khan, the developer of Angry Red Ball has released the 2k17 version of the game, which is compatible with iOS 6.0 and later versions. More information about the gaming app can be found on iTunes.

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