Angelblood Publishing Unleashes Fundraising Campaign On Kickstarter For Their Tabletop RPG Project

Angelblood Publishing starts crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for their latest project, the Tabletop RPG.

Angelblood Publishing, the company that digitally publishes graphic novels, has announced that their Kickstarter campaign is live and running for funding Tabletop RPG, the digital version of their table top role playing game Angelblood. The creatively designed game system is easy to grasp though there are some challenges and number crunching involved.

“We admit that we are enjoying some truly exciting times at Angelblood Publishing now that our book is finally done and ready for our audience,” says the spokesperson for Angelblood Publishing LLC. “The game is unique as players can customize and augment their characters and even their abilities in any manner they want to. It took us 13 long years but we are delighted that Angelblood the Tabletop RPG is ready to be unleashed to the masses.”

Angelblood Publishing LLC is an independent publishing company specializing in publishing graphic and fantasy novels derived from the game play of their table top role playing game Angelblood. They publish stories that are submitted by their players thus creating a large gaming community resulting in a massive sandbox for everyone to play in.

Angelblood Publishing LLC have already created and completed the book save for a few minor edits. The cover picture is complete in all respects and many of the 8.5” X 11” hardcover books with 160 plus pages of content have already been delivered. They have already identified specific stretch goals that can be added to the book for making it more attractive and informative for the buyers.

According to Angelblood Publishing, the Tabletop RPG game has been derived from several games and genres that the creator has been exposed to right through his life. The game incorporates everything he grew up with such as the classic 80s and 90s cartoons of Thundercats, Voltron, GI Joe, Transformers, Dragonball, X-Men, He-Man, the Marvel and DC Universes and so many others. The ability to customize characters is certainly one of the key USPs of the game and fuel endless possibilities.

Angelblood Publishing has created many characters that resemble and mimic many famous cartoon and comic characters during their beta testing sessions. These include ancient Greek legends such as Hercules and Athena. They will be soon releasing updates for more details on character creation, the dice system and setting for the world.

While the goal of the creators is to publish original stories, they want their players to have fun, create characters and play as whomever or whatever they want. This will allow them to add more archetypes and provide players a wider option for creating characters that they can publish.

Angelblood Publishing aims to begin production on their various completed storylines while there are many more that needs to be developed. They also need funds to host booths at key comic and gaming conventions. Also in the pipeline is a bi-weekly video that will demonstrate the techniques needed for augmenting and customizing characters. A community functionality is also being planned on their website to allow backers and audience to interact with each other and the development team.

Angelblood Publishing has a financial goal of $5000 which they aim to raise from their Kickstarter campaign. The deadline for fundraising is 9 November, 2017.

About Angelblood the Tabletop RPG:

Angelblood Tabletop RPG is a dream project of Angelblood Publishing Inc. It is a unique game which allows players to customize and augment their characters in any manner they want. They can create their own stories using these customized characters.

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