Angel Crafts Announces the Amazon Launch of their Transfer Stencil Paper

Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper
Angel Crafts has recently announced that their new product Transfer Stencil Paper is now available in This high-quality art accessory is now available in for $37.95 only.

Angel Crafts proudly announces the Amazon launch of their latest product Transfer Stencil Paper. Each pack of this new product contains hundred sheets, each designed specifically for stress free stress-free tracing. Angel Crafts is a familiar name in with a suite of high-quality art and craft accessories that have been heavily appreciated by the Amazon shoppers. The company is extremely confident about the successful debut for their Transfer Stencil Paper in the world’s largest online shopping platform. The product is presently available at for $37.95 only.

Angel Crafts mentions that their new product is an excellent transfer stencil paper for tattoo artists. It will make freehand drawing easier than ever before by eliminating the chances of flipping images or tracing upside. Each paper has the dimensions of 8.5″ x 11″, making it easier for the users to maneuvre each page while drawing or tracing. The product has been manufactured from a greaseless 4-ply paper that leaves no hand oils or residue behind. This makes the lines clearer and easier to tattoo. With adequate heat resistance, these papers can be used in thermal copiers or drawn on by hand to improve the efficiency of the artist. Made with colorfast ink, the papers offer a vivid transfer every time and last a long time without fading.  

Within a very short lifespan,Angel Crafts Transfer Stencil Paper has started receiving positive reviews from the Amazon buyers. In his review, a recent user mentions, “My son used the paper to produce a tattoo that his friend is going to do for him. He placed the paper and taped it down to trace, then cut the paper to what size he needed. (Ended up with a drawing he is using as his tattoo.) Product can be used in a thermal printer. The paper is heat resistant. Great for Stress free tracing without flipping pages.”

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