America local China commodities distributor tell people the operation process of China TAOBAO agent

June 11, 2014 – China – Robert is a China commodities distributor in America. There are many local consumers who find him to purchase the high quality and cheap price China products. This is mainly because of the low price of these Chine goods. For example, the price of a mobile phone shell for iPhone4 could be priced at only 3 dollars on the China taobao shopping service Adding to the shipping and service fees, the finally price is generally around 6 dollars. However, if people purchase the same product from local shop of United States or even the online store such as EBay, the price is at least 34 dollars. The price difference between local product and China product is very shocking.

In addition to the price difference, there is also another reason why people prefer to purchase products from taobao buying agent. If people want to buy some featured products of China such as China traditional books and clothes from foreign country, they need to face with many inconvenient situations. In this case, purchasing these products from China purchase agent should be most convenient way.

The sales manager from said that the profit of their company is only the small service fee in the purchasing process. The service fee generally account for 10 percent of the whole price of the commodities. On the other hand, if the total price of the product is low, the service fee should be mainly according to the commission. Nowadays, the English TAOBAO agent could be currently able to take 30 orders per day and every single order could be at least one thousand RMB, which means that their daily profit is about three thousand RMB.

Second, the China purchase agent will often choose a number of good reputation TAOBAO online shops when they are looking for retailed goods for these foreigners. In the communication process with these Chine local TAOBAO agents, the China purchase agent will get lower price than actually purchasing price of TAOBAO online shop and the difference price could be the generated profit.

The final step is the goods delivery. The America China products distributor Robert said that there will also extra fee when China purchasing agent mail these China products to them. These extra fees include customs clearance fee and other issues which incurred costs require additional calculations. Typically, in order to ensure these goods smoothly enter into the customs, the cost which will be charged to buyers should be slightly higher than the actual cost.

About is a China Shopping Service Agent as well as English Taobao Agent and Alibaba/1688 Purchase Agent providing shopping service for people who want to buy or purchase products from TAOBAO and China’s online stores. may also be called as China Buying Agent or China Purchase Agent because of the shopping and purchase agent service.

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