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Amazource® Skincare products are the purest and one of the most effective skincare lines on the market today. They are made with premium components and offered to the consumer at very reasonable prices. The Amazource team is on the ground, learning from communities firsthand about the specific properties of unique trusted ingredients that deliver a higher nourishing effect on the skin. Acai, coffee, passion fruit, cocoa, honey, rainforest atmospheric water and countless other native resources were used for centuries by original inhabitants of the rainforest. Now, this ancestral knowledge is available to everyone! Amazource products are cruelty-free (not tested on animals) and paraben free

While working on several development projects in South America, Founder and CEO Sergio Calderon Rossi observed that Amazon’s indigenous communities are under immense pressure. In fact, extractive activities such as illegal logging, oil, and illegal mining are trying to move away lawful owners and indigenous communities from their ancestral lands to deforest them to continue this savage exploitation. Many native leaders have even been murdered just because they lived on a valuable land. According to Global Witness, in 2017 four people were killed every week on average.

Despite this situation, they don´t receive any government support and the restricted private funds were available only for individual projects with limited impact.

It was ironic for them to live and be responsible for protecting the richest natural sanctuary on the planet and don´t receive any mean to do it. In fact, Amazonia is the source 60% of the fresh water on earth; produces 20% of the oxygen of the planet; 25% of Western pharmaceuticals derived from rainforest ingredients and 25% of the active ingredients in cancer-fighting drugs come from organisms found only in the rainforest.

So, the founders of Amazource® decided to start a purpose company to be able to steadily finance the protection of the biggest rainforest on earth. They forged alliances with native communities and landowners who have huge estates but little resources to manage and protect them from the deforestation caused by extractive mega industries.

Those partnerships granted the company a privileged access to the almost limitless biological resources in the 1´000,000 acres they currently cover and allow the company to research and develop their superior skin care products.

In the middle term, the company plans to reach more native communities to finance the surveillance and protection of 500 million acres of forests which equals 4.5 times the area of the State of California.

We represent a unique eco-business partnership with Amazon rainforest landowners to keep their territories untouched. If we consider that Amazonia is the lung of the planet, less rainforest means less oxygen to breathe and live, not only for us but for future generations.

“We give skincare a sense beyond any mainstream “green” product because each unit acquired has a concrete impact,” stated founder Sergio Calderon Rossi.

The Amazource® Skincare Line Includes:


The product that started it all. Amazon Mist® is sourced from the tiny water droplets suspended in the air and mist in the most remote area of the planet. Amazon Mist® is naturally formed together with the pristine oxygen and the organic potassium released by the richest flora on earth. The science behind the effectiveness of this water has been validated by the Max Planck Institute in Germany who found that potassium-rich particles emitted by the rainforests foliage have a key role in the jungle mist droplet concentration process. In fact, potassium is known as an important part of skincare as it offers hydration and a balance of electrolytes and other fluids. If it has maintained life in Amazonia for millions of years, imagine what it can do for your skin! This item preserves up to 5,000 sq. ft of rainforest per unit

“There is something special about this Amazon Mist. I am a toner enthusiast with an oily T-zone yet dry skin on cheeks and neck. This mist feels more like a toner – the initial spray is very refreshing. It takes a long time to dry, but when it does, it feels as though I have used moisturizer on my skin. Perhaps it is all the minerals in the water. After about 10 minutes, my skin feels rejuvenated.” – Diana P.

The Amazource® Skincare Lines include:

  • CAFÉ MOCHA COFFEE SCRUB Preserves 6,800 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • HONEY AND CINNAMON HANDMADE SOAP Preserves 3,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • OATMEAL, MILK AND HONEY HANDMADE SOAP, Preserves 3,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • ORGANIC SUNFLOWER AND COCONUT SHOWER GEL Preserves 6,600 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • ACAÍ LIP BALM, Preserves 2,000 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • COCONUT LIP BALM Preserves 2,000 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • PATCHOULI HANDMADE SOAP Preserves 3,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • PEPPERMINT AND TEA TREE HANDMADE SOAP Preserves 3,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • YLANG YLANG AND ORANGE HANDMADE SOAP, Preserves 3,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • HERBAL BLEND LIP BALM Preserves 2,000 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • PASSION FRUIT LIP BALM Preserves 2,000 sq. ft of rainforest per unit
  • SUGAR AND COCONUT FOAMING CLEANSER, TROPICAL BUTTER CRÈME, Preserves 6,200 sq. ft of rainforest per unit

About Sergio Calderon Rossi

Founder and CEO Sergio Calderon Rossi (Lima, Peru) has an extensive record of accomplishment in economic and sustainable development. Before founding Ecotech Labs, he had successfully led more than 80 development projects in the Andean Region from planning to execution stages for more than $ 20 million dollars.  This experience made him an exceptional connoisseur of the original peoples settled for centuries in the mountains and jungles of South America.

If you are thinking that the Amazonia is too far away to affect you directly, you are wrong because the whole planet climate works as a single system. That´s why the Amazon forest is a major player in determining global climate. According to a study conducted by Deborah Lawrence and Karen Vandecar cited by Carbon Brief “deforestation in the Amazon, for example, can reduce rainfall over the US Midwest and even in northeast China” because it transpires huge amounts of water, creating clouds that carry moisture around the world.

That can give us an idea of the relevance of the conservation of the Amazonia. It is a subject that concerns all of us and the generations to come. In fact, while you read this text 750 acres of Amazon rainforest are being destroyed.  That´s because an area equivalent to 50 football fields is destroyed every single minute. That devastation not only contributes to carbon emissions and increases climate change, but it also means the loss of habitat for countless animal species.

Our business model allocates part of our revenue to pay directly to our field partners to manage and preserve this sanctuary. According to organizations such as Conservation International, the annual cost of protecting an acre of rainforest (43,560 ft2) is $25. We have validated this cost on the ground and determined that the minimum protected area per purchase is 2,000 sq. ft. As you will see in our product description section, each item preserves different surfaces according to their price tag. The exact area protected by a given order depends on a variety of factors including the purchase amount, the product’s margin, the taxes paid for the product’s ingredients, and the product’s shipping cost. We put a minimum of 2,000 sq. ft because it corresponds to our cheapest product (lip balms) but it is not a little thing if you think that the adequate protection of this forest surface is enough to compensate for the CO2 emitted by 3 cars in a year!

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