Amazon Best Seller Loretta Green Proudly Announces the Release of the New Stainless Steel Caliper with an Easy To Read Digital Display

May 28, 2018 – Loretta Green LLC proudly announces the availability of the stainless steel digital caliper in stock. The stainless steel digital caliper measuring device for inside, outside, depth and step measurements is one of the most widely used measuring instruments after the measuring scale.

The digital caliper measures distances with a superior degree of accuracy which is essential for engineering procedures. The stainless steel caliper has a precision fit slide for smooth and accurate sliding action. The stainless steel caliper comes in a sturdy hard plastic case.

The heavy weight Digital Caliper has an Automatic shut-off function after 5 minutes of non use to preserve battery life. It has hardened stainless steel measuring surfaces and extra easy-to-read LCD screen display. The caliper with highly integrated circuit chip has captured the heart of customers as each buyer talks about how effective the product is, as well as an extra battery included.

’This is one of the prettiest pieces of equipment I’ve ever bought. The seller mentions that the battery is included. It was, though not yet installed. When I started to unscrew the battery compartment, I brushed one of the buttons on the face of the readout. Lo and behold! A battery was already installed, and I was staring at a spare that had been graciously included. What a lovely purchase!’’ Says a buyer.

Loretta Green LLC, with a commitment to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service, sells and delivers the digital caliper which can be used with peace of mind nationwide.

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