Always Have Your Colonoscopy Performed By a Board Certified Gastroenterologist

Dr. Peyton Berookim is a Beverly Hills based gastroenterologist specializing in colonoscopies. The GI center at 150 N Robertson Blvd, Suite 204 Beverly Hills, CA. 90211 is equipped with the latest equipment, offering a superior quality of patient care.

A colonoscopy is an important procedure which ideally should be performed by an accredited practitioner. Double board certified Dr. Peyton Berookim, is a Beverly Hills based gastroenterologist who has built a reputation for expertise and high quality care in gastroenterology. It highly recommended seeking a reputable practitioner when undergoing this procedure for a number of reasons.

Many physicians that work in primary care have the relevant equipment and the ability to carry out GI procedures with success. However, the most pressing reason to undergo a colonoscopy is to determine the existence of polyps or other signs of colon cancer. This makes experience and accuracy in identifying problems extremely important, as the consequences of leaving polyps or other abnormalities untreated can be severe. Put simply, undergoing treatment with an expert GI doctor will mean that you can be confident of the results rather than having to worry about getting a false negative. If, on the other hand a condition which requires treatment is identified, seeing a specialist and getting an early diagnosis gives you the best chance of successful follow up treatment leading to a full recovery.

Doctors who are specialized in gastroenterology always undergo extensive training which is focused on this specific area of medicine. Coupled with their experience in endoscopic procedures, this gives them a clear advantage in diagnosis and understanding of patient needs. Because these procedures are the main focus of a GI doctor, they generally have the most modern equipment and are up to date with the latest techniques such as the 3rd eye colonoscopy. All of these factors combine to give them a greater ability to both detect abnormalities and select the best treatment plans for individual patients.

If you need to have a colonoscopy performed, be sure to schedule it with a recognized GI doctor. Dr. Berookim is located in Beverly Hills and serves patients in surrounding areas such as Santa Monica, Hollywood, and wider Los Angeles. More information regarding the range of services offered can be found at: To get in touch with his team or to make an appointment directly, call 310.271.1122.

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