AltCashier Is the World’s Biggest Exchange for Altcoins

The rise of bitcoin has made the intelligent minds all over the world to make their own alternate coins to expand the crypto-currency ecosystem.

The new alternate coins attracted the majority of cryptocurrency users with their innovative solutions for the problems which bitcoin was lacking and easy mining techniques.

But, the alternate coin holders are facing a major problem while trading with their alternate coins.

Today, one can only sell their hard mined alternate cryptocurrency to a local currency by exchanging it with Bitcoin. In this process people are levied with heavy deposit fee, transaction charges and transfer fee.

With AltCashier they intend to eliminate this problem and be a to go market place for Alternate Cryptocurrency.

Buy or Sell any Alternate Cryptocurrency listed in the market to your local currency.

At AltCashier the buyer directly purchases the Alternate crytocurrency from the seller, using the habitual payment methods.

AltCashier will be the guarantor as an escrow, as during the transaction the seller’s crypto currency located in the deposit of our service. Only after seller’s money receipt confirmation the crytocurrency comes from the deposit to the buyer’s personal account and the transaction will be successful.

Buyers can purchase cryptocurrency at a favourable rate and our platform and doesn’t charge any fee.

For professional traders, they have developed a easy and low commission coin based transaction fee system depending on how much of the cryptocurrency trader wish to sell or buy.

These coins can be purchased any time from the traders dashboard as ALTCX Tokens.

AltCashier Advantages:

1. No Minimum value to buy or sell

2. Low commission fee

3. Any listed ALT Coin Can be traded with any local currency globally

4. High degree of user protection

5. Dedicated mobile APP’s

6. Personalised Telegram channel transactions for convenience

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