AllStar Knives Brand Releases a Top Model Kitchen Knife: the 7-inch Santoku DIAMOND DEVIL

AllStar Knives DIAMOND DEVIL beats every competition!
Beloway LLC Releases AllStar Knives DIAMOND DEVIL Offering Longlasting Sharpness and Rust Resistance All-In-One!

3rd May, 2018 – Beloway LLC has released a new brand of kitchen knives dubbed AllStar Knives, that are designed not to wear out! These new revolutionary knives are made of titanium and silver, materials which stand the test of time eliminating the popular trade-off between rust resistance and sharpness when it comes to choosing kitchen knives. Their first model, the santoku Diamond Devil is also enriched with diamond particles which are concentrated in the blade’s edge, thus giving the knife an exceptional edge retention.

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According to AllStar Knives founder and CEO, Samo Janezic, “there was always something wrong with all the knives my wife used given her love for cooking. If it wasn’t sharpness, it would be the size or weight. The idea for AllStar Knives was born out of my wife’s struggle with kitchen knives and an outright suggestion that I should start producing knives.” 

Most kitchen knives today are made of stainless steel. The material is rust resistant; however, it doesn’t offer razor sharpness as well as good cutting edge retention because the properties of steel don’t allow this. For the sake of hygiene and safety, many people choose stainless steel knives. The knives are however high-maintenance. High carbon knives offer better sharpness and edge retention. However, they are susceptible to rust and stain. AllStar Knives solve all these problems and more, according to Samo.

The AllStar Knives brand’s mission is to make knives that last a lifetime without wearing out. Samo explains, “we operate in our own league. Our knives aren’t made out of conventional materials. I knew titanium was a revolutionary material and incomparable to steel regardless of the production technique. I knew it would be great for making knives then I got the idea of blending it with silver because of the hygienic properties of silver.”

Armed with a basic blueprint, Samo set out to find a metal producer in his home country, Slovenia but wasn’t too lucky. Despite Slovenia being highly industrialized, there weren’t any suitable metallurgic profiles which forced him to look abroad. Before finding a suitable knife manufacturer in Japan, Samo had a hard time finding cost-effective foreign companies with the appropriate technology. 

Samo counts himself lucky having found a suitable manufacturer in Japan given Japan’s ancestral inclination as well as reputation in sword and knife crafting. He states, “no other country is better placed to produce AllStar Knives. Japan has the innovation and expertise needed to make the best titanium and silver metal blends. I am lucky to have found a firm in Japan that can make AllStar knives exactly the way I wanted.”

He, however, admits that the journey hasn’t been smooth all along. “We’ve done a lot of trial-and-error and made a lot of mistakes in the process. However, we finally have products we are proud of 100%. AllStar Knives are not only fancy but extremely sharp, lightweight, hygienic and durable with an unmatched cutting edge retention period capable of outlasting all other knives in the market today.”

Although Beloway LLC is a young company, they have a clear mission of producing high-quality kitchen knives that stand the test of time in terms of durability and sharpness and set a new hygiene standard.

The knives have six key features according to Samo. First of all, they have incomparable edge retention. AllStar Knives maintain sharpness longer than steel knives given the unique strength and durability properties of the titanium and silver alloy. AllStar knives also have an unmatched matte silver shinning that makes them an aesthetic accessory in kitchens. The knives also have a maximum cutting efficiency given their optimal length-thickness ratio. They are also 100% rust-resistant, lightweight but robust and beautiful. Lastly they are hygienic. The silver in AllStar Knives offers antibacterial and biocompatible properties. 

AllStar Knives which is largely a family owned/run brand has a mission to become as effective and as simple as possible. Samo is delighted by how far he has taken his passion for knives. He states, “we have succeeded in offering a sharp, lightweight and completely hygienic kitchen knives with unmatched cutting edge retention.”

A local housewife who has been using the AllStar Knives entire kitchen knife product range commented, “not only are the knives aesthetically appealing; you don’t have to sharpen them ever or worry about hygiene issues when preparing food for your family.”

Beloway LLC already has winning products that solve a common problem with traditional stainless steel knives. AllStar Knives are unmatched in every aspect according to numerous reviews. Although the company is working hard to market the AllStar Knives brand, there is a high demand already. 

Beloway LLC is thinking big and plan to gain customer loyalty and recognition by offering a product that is not only superior than the competition, but also backed by a risk-free money back lifetime guarantee. This, coupled with outstanding customer service, is what will set them apart from the completion.

Packaged in a premium paulownia box the AllStar Knives DIAMOND DEVIL represents a perfect gift.

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