All-in-one revolutionary beauty tool – Tweezer, a replaceable nail file, nail buffer, & eyebrow comb

Problem solved! Tweezer, replaceable nail file, replaceable nail buffer, and an eyebrow comb, ALL-IN-ONE!

It’s like the swiss army knife for us gals! No longer will you have to carry multiple items again and fuss around searching for them in the middle of a beauty emergency. We all know the pains of that! Check out the page below and pre-order yours today to be one of the firsts to get your hands on a Pluck N’ File! your support and contribution goes a long way. Thanks!

Pluck N’ File is clearly the all-purpose multi-functional beauty tool that combines a tweezer, a replaceable nail file, nail buffer, and eyebrow comb. 

The first cosmetic tweezer you can customize, interchange and refill to fit your on-the-go lifestyle.

IT’S A PROBLEM SOLVER! No more time wasted searching for four separate beauty items. Those days are gone! It’s the ultimate beauty tool that makes the everyday beauty regimen that much more seamless. Four vital beauty items are brought together in one sleek and stylish apparatus.Super easy to find and beyond easy to use!

Pluck N’ File proves that every woman can have the beauty items she needs literally at her fingertips. There’s no need to waste time looking for or spending the money on countless items only for them to get misplaced and never used.

Time is of the essence for all busy women and that’s why Pluck N’ File is the successful all-in-one item that’s functional, fun, convenient, stylish, and customizable. The files and buffers will come in different styles and patterns so you can customize yours however you like.

It’s the go-to product for those daily beauty touch ups free of the hassle and extra money spent. Cut the cost and the waste with Pluck N’ File.


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