Alliance Medical London Imaging Centres Now More Accessible With Detailed Online Maps

The varied services offered by Alliance Medical have long been appreciated by patients across London and other areas, and its service is coupled with enhanced care and support as well as the latest in imaging technologies. And now, Alliance Medical makes it easier for patients to find its London centres with its detailed online maps.

UNITED KINGDOM – Alliance Medical has a long history behind its services, having been a leader in Europe when it comes to diagnostic imaging techniques and procedures for almost 25 years. The services provided by Alliance Medical are easily accessible, as its services are offered in private hospitals, the NHS, and various clinics as well. In fact, Alliance Medical has a total of 50 sites for static imaging across the country, which range from stand-alone centres to simple MRI units. Alliance Medical also proudly points out that it has the biggest fleet or range of mobile PET/CT, MRI, CT, X-ray, and ultrasound scanners which employ more than 300 specialists or radiographers.

But for those who are living in or near London, Alliance Medical offers its two main London area centres, one in Bulstrode Place and another in Harley Street. What’s more, Alliance Medical makes it a lot easier for patients to find its locations in London with handy and convenient online maps right on its website.

The Harley Street clinic, for instance, is at 136 Harley Street, and it can be easily reached through several streets such as Marylebone Road and Devonshire Street. The street is also parallel to Park Crescent Mews, so patients who are visiting the clinic for the first time need only find these streets and roads, so they can easily reach the Alliance Medical Harley Street clinic.

The other clinic of Alliance Medical in London is along Bulstrode Place, specifically 10 – 11 Bulstrode Place, and the online map also details the clinic’s location, which is near Thayer Street as well as George Street, with Barclays Bank as an easily recognisable landmark near the clinic as well.

Both of the clinics offer the standard imaging tests and procedures, including MRI and CT scans, PET/CT scans, ultrasounds, and X-rays, but the Bulstrode Street clinic offers outpatient services which include cardiac and lung assessment, urology as well as men’s health, and neurology, whilst the Harley Street clinic offers outpatient services such as orthopaedic, urology and men’s health, and rheumatology. The Harley Street clinic also offers additional fluoroscopy and interventional radiology services.

About the company:

Alliance Medical provides numerous private patients with excellent services for ultrasounds, X-rays, MRI, CT, and PET scans, fluoroscopy, and more.  Clients who would like to find out more about Alliance Medical’s services, particularly its private X-ray in London, visit the company website. 

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