Alliance Medical adds to list of imaging and outpatient offers with men’s health and urology services

At Alliance Medical, patients know full well that they are in good hands. Not only does Alliance Medical give the best when it comes to imaging technology and equipment – it also provides an array of outpatient services, which now include men’s health and urology as well.

UNITED KINGDOM – Alliance Medical is highly-trusted by a lot of physicians and specialists in the UK, who refer their own patients to Alliance Medical for diagnostic imaging services and capabilities. The diagnostic imaging services offered by Alliance Medical are well-known, and these include ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, PET/CT scans, and more.

But Alliance Medical is also becoming increasingly popular for its outpatient services. These outpatient services include services for cardiology, neurology, and lung assessment, and now, it also includes services dedicated to men’s health and urology. When it comes to Alliance Medical’s men’s health and urology outpatient services, patients will be glad to know that Alliance Medical offers the full spectrum of tests and assessments as well as consultations.

Alliance Medical explains, “The expert consultant urologist team at Alliance Medical London offer a ‘one stop shop’ for diagnosis, with assessment and treatment planning without delay. Our specialists are experts in complex male and female urological conditions.”

The exact services related to men’s health and urology offered by Alliance Medical include initial consultations with an experienced respiratory specialist as well as a follow-up assessment, a comprehensive assessment from a urological viewpoint (offered for both males and females), and the assessment as well as treatment for LUTS, irritable urinary conditions and symptoms, acute or chronic pelvic pain (which includes prostatitis), overactive bladder, incontinence, and more. Alliance Medical also provides patients with treatment and assessment for different cancers, including kidney, prostate, testis, and bladder. Aside from this, Alliance Medical offers cardio-thoracic scans on advanced equipment and technology, which include 3T MRI and CT imaging.

Apart from men’s health and urology services, Alliance Medical’s services related to lung assessment and its cardiac services are well known. Alliance Medical further confirms, “Our expert clinical teams understand the anxiety and urgency that comes with investigating health concerns. With this in mind and to take away the hassle of multiple journeys, all consultation, imaging and review can take place under one roof.”

With this kind of service, patients can definitely save a lot of time and effort, not to mention expense, and have added peace of mind.

About the company:

Alliance offers a wide selection of imaging services, including X-rays and ultrasounds, CT scans, PET/CT scans, MRI scans, and fluoroscopy, as well as outpatient services in neurology, cardiology, and more. To enquire about a private PET scan in London, go to the Alliance Medical website. 

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