Allergies Killing You? It Could Be Your Ducts

If your allergies are acting up, your ductwork could be to blame. Is it time for you to have a cleaning?

If you want to get out ahead of those allergies before springtime comes around, look no further than the indoor air quality of your own home.

Those who suffer from allergies know how irritating blowing dust can be. One of the most important steps residents can take to avoid this is to make sure the duct work gets a thorough cleaning. Ken DiCicco with Donley Service Center in Phoenix, Arizona says this should always be done by a professional.

“Just dusting off the vents is not enough,” DiCicco says “If dust and dirt has been building up in your ducts over time, it will take an experienced technician with specialized equipment to properly clean everything out.”

During this cleaning, Donley Service Center recommends having all of your ducts thoroughly inspected to look for some of the more common duct work problems. One such problem is known as an open duct, one that has come loose over time and is no longer properly sealed.

These openings will suck up dust and dander from the air and distribute those allergens throughout the home. Even if your air filter is clean, having openings in duct work will greatly reduce your indoor air quality and efficiency.

Another issue that could set your allergies off is ductwork that is not correctly pressurized. This can happen when someone closes a vent in a room that isn’t used as often. This can create negative pressurization, which causes your unit to pull in dirty air.

Donley Service Center recommends calling a qualified HVAC professional right away if you think your ductwork might be contributing to indoor air pollution. Letting the problem linger could just lead to larger issues and increasing discomfort.

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