All You Need to Know about Hair Replacement Systems for Men!

Are you suffering from hair fall problems? Are you being ridiculed at work, at office or parties due to your increasing baldness? If such problems are chasing you, then opt for the most convenient option that would solve your problems easily and without having you to face any surgical pain. A person’s image is very important in today’s society. A person losing out on self-confidence will not be able to excel in society as much as he could have given his credentials. This might lead to further depression. A good hair replacement not only solves hair issues but also revives the person’s confidence.

What is meant by hair replacement for men?

Hair replacement is a method opted by men when they suffer from hair loss or experience damage of hair. Hair fall occurs mainly due to excessive tension and stress. If hair fall starts occurring at a young age, it directly affects the person’s ego and confidence.

Whenever hair fall starts, it further adds to the person’s distress. In such cases, hair replacement systems have been seen to be very effective. Replacement when done properly removes all worries about hair fall and precautions are taken such that the replacement system can confirm that the replaced hair is resistant to any further damage. Previously, people with receding hairline and progressive baldness just had to learn to live with it, as no solution to this problem was available.

But now, specialists have developed very efficient techniques that consequently produce satisfying results in replacing hair with hair replacement strategies, which means that the sufferer can get a convenient and an affordable way to get their hair restored. The replacement systems take care that the new replaced hair looks natural and complements your appearance. A large variety of nonsurgical designs are available from which you can choose. The hair extensions used are generally made from high grade remy hair, kanekalon fibre or human hair itself.

What causes hair fall?

There are many misconceptions regarding the causes of hair fall. The misconceptions are that hair fall occurs due to vitamin deficiencies, inadequate blood circulation to the scalp or wearing hats for a long time. It is also untrue that brushing hair 100 strokes a day makes it healthier or men who have not had hair fall problems till 40 years of age will not face any problem in future. Let us look into the actual reasons that lead to hair fall.

First of all there are two kinds of hair loss:

• Telogen effluvium — this is temporary hair loss caused because of transitory damaging of hair follicles.

• Anagen effluvium — this is permanent hair loss that occurs due to absolute destruction of follicles.

The main cause of hair loss is physical and emotional stress, abnormalities detected in thyroid, medications like excessive vitamin A dosage, blood pressure tablets, hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopausal period in women. Baldness also is prevalent if it is in the family history of the sufferer.

What are the various methods and procedure for hair replacement that you can opt for?

Hair replacement at salons: For hair placement at salons, you have to first get an appointment with the expert. They judge your hair quality and offer you a wide range of options regarding the design, quality and colour of hair to choose from. The cosmetologists analyse microscopically the scalp’s crown area and other areas of the head that might be balding. They then add your chosen quality of hair strand one by one and make sure that they are an absolute duplicate of your original hair. They make use of an almost undetectable crisscross matrix of fibres that are transparent. This matrix is made to fit on the thinning or balding areas of the scalp. The salons cater to all the needs of the customers and draft appointments according to the person’s wish. The customer could gradually take up the replacement procedure to make the changes less evident or might finish it in one sitting itself to get an absolute dramatic makeover.

After the replacement policy is done, the stylists give the customer a proper haircut and hairstyle so that the newly added hair perfectly suits the person. The stylists aim to give the customer the best possible look as that enhances a person’s confidence. After the replacement procedure, the customer has to visit the salon may be once a month to get personalised guidance to maintain the replaced hair and take further care of the scalp.

Hair replacement by use of drugs and ointments: Hair replacement is also done by use of medication and ointment. These drugs are chemical substances that stimulate the function or the structure of the sufferer’s hair follicle. These drugs are engineered to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth. Many of the medications work by enlarging and growing the hair follicles, which have shrunk or stopped growing altogether. This treatment is given to those who are suffering from sudden or temporary hair thinning and baldness. It is also given to those who might experience chronic hair loss, which is initially slow but shows a progressive growth with time. These medicines are either applied on the skin, taken orally or is induced as an injection into the body. The medications involve both prescription and non-prescription doses. Prescription drugs are those that if taken in excess might have extreme side effects.

Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved dosage that produces competent results in hair replacement. It is medically supposed to retard hair loss than stimulates growth, but survey shows that the users of minoxidil say that they have experienced both lessening of hair loss and increase of hair growth after using this medication. Patients suffering from heart diseases should avoid this dosage in any form.

Minoxidil has been found to produce results that largely depend on the dose given. This implies that the treatment has to be continued so that the hair growth benefits are retained and increased. In addition, Rogaine, of regular strength should be applied on the dry scalp at least two times every day. It should be left on the scalp at least for four hours after application.

This procedure has to be continued for minimum four months to obtain expected results. Use of higher strength formulas produce faster results but should be used after consultation from a skilled hair expert.

Hair transplant: For cases where replacement system will not work, hair transplant is the answer. It is different from any replacement procedure and involves surgery. Hair replacement is done by making use of synthetic or human hair, which are used to cover the bald spot or patch with the help of liquid adhesives. Hair transplantation on the other hand is a permanent solution to hair thinning and baldness as the scalp gets grafted in this procedure. This requires no further follow up or maintenance after the surgery but the person has to bear with the pain of surgery and its consequential side effects.

Online hair replacement system: With online hair replacement systems, you do not even have to go to salons or parlours and make appointments to get hair replacement. Online replacement services are a boon. The online replacement systems take care of all aspects of the procedure and saves the most precious resource, time. The sites have been so effectively designed that the customer has no problem in finding himself the right deal that suits him best addressing his problem and also catering to his budget. The hair extensions are packaged efficiently and the person is effectively guided to use them. For any assistance, a skilled team is deployed who can be contacted whenever in need. They offer free home delivery service and strive to provide you with effective customer support.

Let us now look into the various attributes of hair replacement systems for men.

• The replacement system ensures that the investment made by the client is fruitful. They strive to offer the best service. They see to it that every hairpiece used is inspected and checked by the service’s quality management team.

• The systems design their packages in such a manner that they can cater to customers of all kinds. Therefore, if the customer’s budget is tight, then the customer can easily opt for a service package that suits his needs and caters to the budget too.

• The replacement systems see to it that the hair extensions to be used for replacement suit perfectly with the client’s previous hair. From colour, texture, highlights to grey content, the new product to be used will be customised to match with the previous hair. The new hair to be used will be made perfect until it matches the customer’s expectations and requirements.

• Care is taken so that the customer is assured absolute comfort. For this, the replacement services use superior quality, durable and soft materials so that the customer does not feel different while wearing the newly replaced hair. The basic idea is to replace hair but in a conspicuous way.

• Most replacement systems undertake nonsurgical methods. Thus, the client does not have to worry about any complexity that ensues surgeries. There is no fear of getting physically hurt. Hence, the replacement can be done without any apprehension and thus restore the person’s confidence along with the hair.

• The replacement systems efficiently guide the client to use the hairpiece. To wear and remove the hairpiece, no professional help will be needed once guided.

• Most replacement services attract customers with alluring discounts and offers. So even the sufferers can look out for discounts and suit themselves. Many services offer cash-back guarantee. The transactions are transparent and legal. If the client is not satisfied with the service and result, then his money will be returned.

What kind of investment do you need to make while replacing your hair?

The pricing of hair replacement varies for person to person. It can be decided only after judging the amount of treatment your scalp needs. It also depends on what exactly the customer wants. The quality of hair strands, the area of coverage, hair length and shipping charges (in case of online purchase) have to be considered. If a length of 8 inches is to be considered for one system, then pricing might be near around $547.95. The customer can choose from a large range of deals and suit himself. Many hair replacement system cost calculators are available online that will give you an exact cost, according to the details that you give to it.

Before and after hair replacement:

Even though the replacement system might take patience and require a good investment, the systems have been so developed that it is effectively returning desired results. The results are so satisfying that it has been found that most of them do not hesitate to make the extra effort needed to maintain their replaced hair. Research to further enhance the system is being The very fact that that people suffering from baldness do not have to get ridiculed in public because of declining hairline has attracted most of the sufferers. Taking a look into feedbacks will ensure the user about the kind of results that other sufferers have gotten.

The sufferer should consult those who have already undertaken the procedure, so that they choose the proper consultation. If an inefficient salon or service were chosen, then the entire investment of time and money could go into total waste. So it is always advisable to make a good research and survey before opting for a particular replacement service. Hair replacement is definitely the most effective solution of baldness and hair loss problems, but it is extremely essential that the sufferer maintains a regular and healthy life so that the replaced hair does not get affected or the entire procedure of hair replacement does not become a failure due to undisciplined and unhealthy livelihood.

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